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Legion Corner 1981

February 10, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


The following is a list of V.A. Centers for Veterans concerning treatment and or aid for Vietnam Stress Syndrome Outreach Program.

BROOKLYN: 165 Cadman Plaza
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201
(212) 330-2825
166 W. 75th Street
New York N.Y. 10023
(212) 944-2917

148-43 Hillside Ave.
Queens, N.Y. 11435
(212) 658-6767-8

226 E. Fordham Rd.
Rooms 217-220
Bronx, N.Y. 10458
(212) 367-3500

If you know of any veteran from the Vietnam War, please let them know of the centers near their home.


PAMPHLET AVAILABLE: A new V A publication, “Veterans Benefits for Older Americans,” is available. through VA regional offices and veterans service org­anizations. The free pamphlet highlights eligibility for VA medical care, compensation and pension programs and burial benefits. It includes a quick reference inventory for listing a veteran’s VA file number and other information for use in case of emergency.

VA is also developing vide9 tape cassettes to explain VA benefits to elderly beneficiaries. The tapes will be made available to senior citizens groups and veterans organizations. To receive the pamphlet, write, visit or telephone the nearest regional office. The address and toll-free telephone number may be found in the white pages of local telephone directories under U.S. Government.”


The VA has announced the “1981 National Salute to Hospit­alized Veterans” will be held Saturday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day. The program, founded in 1974, has a four-fold purpose: (1) to pay tribute and express appreciation to the thousands of veterans hospitalized each year; (2) to establish and promote a continuing awareness of these Americans; (3) to enhance and broaden community involvement beyond those faithful volunteers whose concern for hospitalized veterans brings them to VA medical center throughout the year; and (4) to encourage Americans of all ages to partici­pate, and to interest them in serving as hospital volunteers year-round. Legionaries are en­couraged to ‘Visit a V A Medical Center on Feb111iU’Y 14 (or per­haps during the week) and show the patients we care. Encourage others to join in participating with I you in the Salute to our Veterans. You can contact the VA’s medical center nearest you to ask how you I can help.


Veterans of the Greenpoint area are being extended an invitation to visit St. Stanislaus Memorial Post, 100 McGuinness Blvd. (off Nassau Ave.) on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, between the hours of 2P.M. and 5P.M.

We are holding a membership drive and would like to meet you.

February 24, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


­Again, our Post is cooperating with the New York Arthritis Foundation on. their annual telethon as part of our ongoing community action program.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE!!? ­Statistics indicate that about 50 million Americans have arthritis with close to 20 million having it so severely that they need medical care. It claims 600,000 new victims, young and old, each year! Over 250,000 children. Yes, children! Suffer from juvenile­

rheumatoid arthritis. Surprisingly, the annual economic im­pact of those disabled by arthritis in our nation totals close to. 13 billion do liars.

On March 7th, our Post is having a “Nite At The Races” with ALL profits going to the Arthritis Foundation. Please come down. If you can’t, send a little contribution. #1., $2., $5., $10., or more. What ever the amount; it will add up! Make out your checks to: ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION. Mail them to us, St. Stanislaus Memorial Post; 100 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11222 OR if you are passing our Post, slip the envelope through our mail slot. Friday nights were open, walk right down to our Lounge.

The Seventh Annual Stop Arth­ritis Telethon is scheduled for the weekend of MARCH 7 & 8th. Beginning at 10:00 P.M. Satur­day, until 5:00 P.M. Sunday, an appeal will be made on WOR-TV Channel 9, with a star-studded cast of entertainers.

REMEMBER! We are not asking you to give till it hurts, we are asking you to GIVE BE­CAUSE IT HURTS!

Then, watch our members turn it over to the ARTHRITIS FOUN­DATION on Channel 9, Sunday morning; March 8th.


Back By Popular demand. 15 acts! Skits! or whatever you want to call it! Ya gotta see it to believe It! And after ya see it, you won’t Believe it! Donations are $5.00 per person. Grandma’s Grand­sons will play for your dancing pleasure. The beer is on us.


We finally got Pat and Mike together in our Post! St. Patrick and Mike O’Justyn(owicz). Mike and George Gibney his co-chair­man are chairing a St. Patrick’s Day Social on March 14th. For $1O.OO there will be Corned Beef and Cabbage, Scotch or Rye or every table of ten. Tis free beer you’ll be havin. Music by Martin Michaels, who’ll be playing from 9 p.m. to 1 a. m. For those who are Polish and wanten to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day, I hear they will play two or three sets of Polkas. This affair is on RESERVATION BASIS ONLY due to the serving of food. CUT-OFF DATE: March.

The Leprechauns are selling tickets at Rite Beer every day and at the Post on Friday night. So, make your reservations early!

?March 3, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


The United States Holocaust Memorial Council which plans to build a museum in Washington, D.C., from private donations is organizing an international meet­ing in Washington to honor the WWII liberators of the Nazi concentration camps. The SO member council originated in a  Executive order and received its congressional mandate as an agency of the Interior Department in 1980. For the international meeting of liberators next fall, the council is eager to contact NCOs, medics, chap­lains, military photographers and war correspondents from American units that were first to arrive at the death camps. They also seek photographs and souvenirs brought home from the camps, which are to be copied and returned to the owners. Further details are available from Miles Lerman, Chairman, International Relations, and U.S. Holocaust Memo­rial Council, 425. 13th St: N.W., I Suite 832, Washington, D.C. 20004.


A questionnaire has been sent out to combat veterans, including some who were held captive by the enemy during WWII and Korea, that will be used to prepare on how the health of these men has been affected by their wartime experiences pre­pared by the National Research Council’s Division of Medical Science, the results of the questionnaire should be of benefit to all, ,including those who are seeking service connection ‘for their disabilities Recipients of the questionnaire are requested to answer it promptly, even if they are now drawing compensation.


Edward Blazak, Chairman, has been working for the past three months preparing this project. A reminder to all vet­erans that the Mass will take place in St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, on April 5th at 11 :00 A.M.

Assembly for all Legionnaires will take place at Post Head­quarters, 1OO McGuinness Blvd. at 1O:0O A.M. Parade will start app. 10:30 A.M. Legionnaires are asked to wear their Blue Caps. If you can’t march, Ed is asking you to meet us in Church. Remember the date! April 5th.

March 10, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


I’m referring to our POW’s/MIA’s who are still in Vietnam. The hostage crisis, I’m told, brought this country together as one. Let us continue that trend, in other matters that pertain to our dignity, esteem and pride. We are one, we are united. Let no one tread on us.

Let us pray, each in his own way, for the safe and early return of those who are still in Vietnam. Oh, God! Please! let us not forsake them. If nine million veterans went to answer the call of this country during the Viet­nam war, should not have nine million returned, whether they be dead or alive. At least have an account of those buried there. Each man must be accounted for. There’s no reason why family after family should – keep on wondering if and when their loved one will ever come back or keep wondering if he is dead or alive. There is absolutely no reason!

The future of this country lies in the hands of the nine million Vietnam veterans and their fam­ilies. Do you think for one moment they will let their offspring volunteer for service . when they become of age? If they are taken prisoner, will they be forsaken as those Who are in Vietnam now? First, I pray we never have another war. The world is bigger than anyone person who wants to start a war.

“We shall bury you” is easy for a man 70 years old to say. Would he have said it if he knew he was to be first in line to face the enemy? I think not. It’s so easy to say we should fight, when we’re not of fighting age. And you don’t say it if you have a son or grandson, you love dearly, who would be going to do your fighting.

Yes, this country always fought for what it believed in. Even the “Unknown Soldiers” were accounted for, some brought back and buried in Arlington Cemetery, Va. Do you see what I’m saying? Even they were not forsaken. We don’t know who they are but they are accounted for. Just one more question. What about the mother, wife. What are their feelings.

So, please keep praying for them that are still in Vietnam. Keep writing to the President of These United States and let him know your feelings in this matter. After all, he is a servant of the people and you are the people. God bless.


At St. Stan’s Post. Chaired by Mike Justynowicz with co-chair­man George Gibney. They are promising a good time for one and all. You have till tomorrow (Wednesday) to get in your reservation for this St. Patrick’s Social. Tickets are available at Rite Beer and Eddie’s Hardware, which is at 663 Manhattan Ave. near Bedford Ave. Donation of $10.00 will include Corner Beef and Cabbage, (home cooked); Beer; and a bottle of cheer for every table of ten. Music by Martin Michaels Group. For those who are Polish and would want to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day, Mike and George said, they will let the band play two or three sets of Polkas, (or did they say two or three Polkas?) Once again, cut off date: March 10th. The cut-off date is due to the food, which must be bought. If too much is bought, it would be a sin. If not enough is bought, there would be riot. Mike must know how many are coming by the cut-off date, to keep everyone happy.


A bi1(‘pleasure to walk into the Post Lounge.. . Cozy… Relaxing easy on the eyes. It’s the Lounge I’m talking about. Not some girl…C’mon Down! See for your­self. Changes have been made. The dream is coming through! And! We’re still working at it. Just to please you, the member… Did you make a note of April 5th mark it on your calendar? Memorial Mass & Parade. Let’s have a good, no, a great turnout. Have a nice weekend God Bless.

March 17, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski

Veteran Legislation Introduced

Congressman “Sonny” Mon­tgomery, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, has-continued his emergence as one of the principal figures in the By A. Kowalskicontinuing battle for veterans’ benefits. Beginning the battle last January 22; 1981, Chairman Montgomery introduced 35 bills promoting improved benefits for veterans and their dependents. Responding to a request by The American Legion, 15 of the 35 bills introduced directly reflect resolutions adopted at the- 1930 National Convention. Following is a partial list of those bills most of which are expected to receive serious consideration during the 97th Congress.

HR1158 was introduced to promote the care and treatment of veterans in State veterans homes. This will provide partial reimbursement to state for, costs of caring for any war veteran in a’ State domiciliary, nursing home, or hospital providing the veteran is eligible for­ such care in a VA facility.

HRll64 will allow the VA to pay burial and funeral expenses, , (not to exceed $300.) and trans­port the body to the place f burial, when the death occurs in a State home or a V A facility.

HRl173 is a bill, which would assign the responsibility of the “Agent Orange” study, man­dated by PL96-151, to an in­dependent scientific agency.

HR1l63 will amend title 38, to increase the burial allowance for veterans to $400.

HRl156 was introduced to ex­tend the community nursing home care at VA expense from six to nine months.

HR1l49 proposes that Syrin­gomyelia be included among the chronic slowly progressive dis­eases and provides a seven years presumptive period for the purpose of service connection.

HE1167 has been introduced to provide special adaptive automobile equipment to service connected veterans whose knees or hips are ankylosed at favorable angles and are required by State vehicles licensing laws to obtain­ such equipment.

HR154 includes language, which addresses two important Legion mandates. While it would, further improve the disability and death pensions program for the veterans and their dependents, it would also restore the end of year rule foe pension purposes, which had been eliminated with the passing of PL95-588, the Improv­ed Pension Act of 1978.

This partial list of proposed legislation is only a brief glimpse of the overall picture of The American Legion legislative pro­gram for 1981. We will carry continuing reports on the pro­gress of these bills as well as new legislation, which would benefit our nations veterans and their dependents, as soon as our copy of the “National Legislative Bulletin” arrives.

Life Goes On in 1771

Last Saturday, in St. Stan’s Post, we had a ball! Many thought the food. was catered! NO! It was home cooked! Tina Mann was the one man (woman?) combat team in the kitchen. A salute from us you Tina! The Martin Michaels Band shortened the evening for everyone. It was the fastest four hours in many a year…This was a St. Patrick’s Social but would you believe more Italian marching than on St. Anthony’s Feast Day! Why? Because there were more Italians. Don’t forget to make a point of visiting the Post Lounge. Memorial Mass & Parade on the 5th of April. Mark it on your calendar…Carnival May 7th to the 17th. God Bless.

March 31, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski

American Flag Kits – $7.00

Yes, as a community service, St. Stan’s Post is selling American Flag ‘kits at cost. The kit includes: American Flag ( 3 by 5); Pole w/Eagle; rope; and bracket. These Flag kits are available at Rite Beer, Humboldt ,and Norman; Eddie’s Hardware, 663 Manhattan Ave. (near Bedford) land at St. Stan’s Post. At the Post only on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. You may call 383-9575 during the day to see if anyone is in the Post. We do have members come down to do some chores during the week. We will gladly oblige

Memorial Mass & Parade

St. Stan’s Post Annual Memorial Mass and Parade is next Sunday. Parade kick-off at app. 10:30 a.m. Mass in St. Stanislaus Kostka Chur­ch at 11:00 a.m. All Posts are invited to participate.

Michael J. Kogutek Says

In his message; “Isn’t it ironic that Americans applaud the Roman Catholic church of Poland for being the guardian of Poland’s moral I fiber; that we believe the Poles’ faith in God is at least partly responsible for their indomitable resistance to Godless Communism – yet we fail to protest loudly as U.S. courts curtail freedom of religious exercises in our public schools by not allowing voluntary prayer?” Commander Kogutek states further, “I is not the function of the public schools to provide religious training. Yet, it is not their function to discourage religious beliefs either…” “Certainly there can be no harm done by reinstituting the practice of voluntary prayer to our Creator. His presen­ce has been officially acknowledged by United States Presidents and by Supreme Court Justices. Our legal tender, our National Anthem and our Pledge of Allegiance all presuppose that a Supreme Being exists and has “shed His grace on thee.”

Yet the court has ruled:

*Students cannot participate in voluntary prayer meetings in a classroom before starting the school day.

*Privately paid-for copies of the Ten Commandments cannot be, posted in public schools because they are “plainly religious in nature.”

*It is unconstitutional for schoolchildren to join in voluntary prayer at the start of the day. They can’t even repeat aloud at lunchtime the well known: “God is great. God is good. And we thank Him for our I food.” Indeed, the courts have also ruled that it is illegal for our  children and grandchildren to read aloud in the classroom the prayer of the house or Senate chaplains as reprinted in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD…” Michael J. Kogutek, National Commander. I am truly sorry I can’t rewrite his whole message but here is his final    paragraph and please heed his call. “I urge you to write to your Congressmen. Tell them that you, just as

76 percent of Americans recently polled nationally, support legislation, which will “deprive federal courts of the jurisdiction to enter any judgment, decree, or order denying or restricting as unconstitutional, voluntary prayer in any public school.”

Life Goes On In 1771

Did you see the big sign on Post Headquarters? We’re letting the world know!!!…Life must go on and it did at the Post Lounge, last Sunday. Commander Charles Merjave and Unit President Kathy Hayward played Host and Hostess to the 62nd American Legion Birthday. Close to a hundred members and friends gathered for the festive occasion. A beautiful cake with decorations of American Flags was the highlight. A hot and cold buffet was available to those celebrants who came. The Lounge was decorated by Stanley Jusczynski, for the oc­casion. Nicely done in Red, White and Blue. Everyone had a good I time…Ed (Bob) Brady in and out of the hospital so fast, we didn’t have I time to visit. We did but he was discharged that morning Post Com­mander Walter Golembieski into hospital for eye surgery…Bob Woods daughter expecting any day now!! It could have happened while your reading this! Nick and Millie Stefanizzi grandparents again. Roseanne and Augie the parents of a beautiful 7 lb. I oz. daughter named. Nicole…God Bless.

April 7, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski

Thank You! Thank You! ‘

If you didn’t see it on WOR-TV, Channel 9, then you didn’t hear the announcers. With all the donations turned in the total turned over the ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION was $846.00. To one and all, who par­ticipated by donations and attending the Nite At The Races our deepest gratitude. St. Stan’s Post “Salutes” you!

“POW IMIA’s – How Long Must They Wait!”

In case you missed the picture in the GAZETTE, take a stroll to Nassau Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard, and take a look for yourself. We’re telling the world! I have a favor of you readers who pay at­tention to this column. After you read this, tell your friends about it. And its this: With the Holydays coming, both Christian and Jewish, let us all pray, each in his own way, for those who haven’t been home in years. Our POW’s will be praying, let’s join them. Though miles apart,

that would be togetherness. A spiritual togetherness which cannot be ‘ put apart by anyone. Remember! To pray to “Him” for them!

Veterans Administration Volunteer Service

Would you believe, 600 regular scheduled volunteers contributed over 600,000 ~hours of service for our hospitalized veterans in 176 V A facilities. If you have some time and you want to get some information on participation, contact your nearest VA hospital. Fort Hamilton V A is near the Verezzano Bridge in Brooklyn and you have one on 1st Avenue and 24th Street in Manhattan.

Our Memorial Mass

For a day that looked like rain any minute, it turned out to be beautiful! Ed Elazak, Memorial Chairman, did a splendid job in putting the program together. Upon entering St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, the next hour was strictly Legion, including the homily.

As in years past, St. Cecilia’s choir deserves the accolades it gets from us. They are always the talk of the visiting Legionaires. Nothing but the b0St, in Greenpoint! To John Bartosiewicz, choirmaster, and the whole ensemble, a big “SALUTE” from 1771. God Bless! Upon returning to the Post, there was a short sermon on our Memorial grounds, with a new ending. For the first time since the refusal of flying the “Yellow Ribbon” by the White House, the yellow Ribbon is placed on our flag pole and will be displayed until we here in this country get satisfactory answers and results to the POW IMAI crisis. It is at the critical stage, as far as the American citizen is concerned. We have waited far too long. Our patience is exasperated. Yes, as our sing says: ” “How Long Must They Wait.”

Life Goes On In 1771

It is a small world I have renewed acquaintances with old neighbors since Bedford Memorial Post joined us. Or is that called, a merger? Anyway, I met Stan Tencza, whom I haven’t seen in over ten years last week I said that Bob Woods daughter was expecting? Bob and Marie Woods became the proud grandparents of a 71b. 10 oz. gran­ddaughter Courtesy of Daughter Diana and son-in-law Jim. This was a first time out all the way around. Welcome to the Grandparents club! With the Holydays almost here (Easter and Passover) let us remember in our prayers those who are still over there in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It is asking for a miracle for their return, before the year is over? It is! Then, I’m asking for a miracle. If the Mets can do it, the government can do it, too!!! Visiting our fair town for the first time was Nicole D’ Aureli. I asked her to comment on her visit but she wasn’t talking.

May  19, 1981

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski

“Outreach” Elimination Challenged

The American Legion with many other Veteran groups, have opposed the elimination of the “Operation Outreach” program. Intestimony presented before the Subcommittee on Hospitals and Health Care of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, John Sommer of the American Legion’s Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission urged support of H.R. 2415, which would extend the Outreach Program for two years.

Outreach was created by public law 96-22 on June 13, 1979 with a two-year budget of 21 million dollars. 91 store front centers were established in each state and territory, more, where there was substantial “Vietnam Veteran population, mainly in large urban areas. ‘The American Legion Department of Pennsylvania, is the only one of its kind outside the VA, with veterans in  rural areas as the main target.

A primary focus of the VA’s outreach program is “post­traumatic stress disorder” com­monly called delayed stress reaction or simply “the Vietnam Syndrome” and the treatment of this disorder. The most common forms of delayed stress are guilt feelings, extreme depression, sudden and unnatural anger, fear of panic, nightmares and flash­backs. Veterans who suffer from this disorder may overindulge in alcohol or drugs, experience marital problems or, in some extreme cases, become with­drawn and anti-social. According to a recent study of Vietnam veterans, some startling statistics have been cited which indicate a continued need for Outreach and its services. Among the many disturbing findings from inter­views with nearly 1400 Vietnam veterans were:

*57% either opposed U.S. policy in Vietnam or else did not understand it.
*Veterans actually in combat suffer higher rate of delayed stress than those who were not in   the front lines.
*A lack of a heroes welcome increase many Vietnam veterans feelings of alienation from their age group and country In general.
*Only 17%felt Vietnam had a profound effect on their mental health.
*About half of the veterans felt their psychological problems are still unsolved.

In addition to this study, other statistics indicate that suicide rates among Vietnam veterans are one third higher than the national average.

During the year and a half that Outreach has been functional, approximately 53,000 veterans (mostly Vietnam era) and 13,000 family members have taken advantage of the counseling, “rap sessions” and referral services offered by the 91 centers. Although the administration’s pursuit of fiscal restraint is generally perceived as an admirable course of action, defenders of the Outreach program have consistently argued its cost effectiveness by citing that its yearly budget constitutes only one tenth of one percent of total VA spending.