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Articles From 1955 – 1956

Fiends and Neighbors

By Julia Moran

The “Henry Bulakowski Night” held on Saturday evening at the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 was the first social of the Post’s spring season and took place at the headquarters at 119 Driggs avenue. It was well attended by many members and their wives.

During the evening, Commander Edwin Brady called upon the sergeant at arms to escort Henry to the main table. As one of the, charter members, Henry was feted by, the membership, service as post historian, service and publicity officer from the birth of the post.

Past Post Commanders Stanley J. Kugaczewski, John Kozak and Nicholas Stefanizzi presented Henry with personal gifts and good wishes.

Henry Bialous, post adjutant on behalf of the members of the post presented the American Legion Citation Award for service and loyal cooperation to Bulakowski. Commander Brady, also on behalf, of the post, presented the honored guest with a personalized pen and pencil set.

Mrs. Henry Bulakowski, wife of the honored guest, was presented with a bouquet of American Beauty roses by chairman s Nicholas Stefanizzi on behalf Of the members. At the conclusion Bulakowski spoke a few words expressing his thanks to every one present.

Refreshments were served and dancing followed, C. Williams, entertained the guests with his magical feats and t tricks.

Bulakowski is veteran of’ World War II, and saw service in the bitter Campaigns in Italy. Bulakowski, who was wounded in the fighting, holds a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

A graduate of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parochial School and Bushwick High School he is employed by the Carlisle Chemical Corp. He is a charter member of St. Stanislaus Past, which was founded seven years ago.

He married the former Stella Gondek of 702 Humboldt street, in St. Stanislaus Kostka R. C. Church. Two of their children Carol Ann and Lorraine, attend St. Stan’s school.

There is also a son, Henry Jr. in the family. They live at 40 Broome street. A member of the B. & M. Society of the parish church. Bulakowski is also identified with the ‘Holy Name Society.

Memorial Mass

  • Community To Remember Its War Dead
  • On Sunday, March 11, at 11 A. M. at St. Stanislaus Kostka R. C. Church, Driggs avenue and Humboldt street, the annual Memorial Mass will be offered for the deceased members and men in the community of Greenpoint who died on the field of battle in both World Wars and in Korea.

    The Mass is sponsored each year ‘by the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, American Legion. Edwin Brady is commander, and Frank Fierro is in charge of the memorial arrangements.

    Massing of colors will take place at the Post Headquarters at 119 Driggs, avenue corner of North Henry street, at 10:15 A. M. At 10:30 the marchers, including the newly organized rifle and honor squad, the county Commander with his staff of Officers, the post commander, officers and invited guests and massed colors including the county colors, led by the Kings County Band, will proceed to the church.

    Memorial wreaths will be placed at the War memorial in McGolrick Park and at St. Aloysius Catholic Memorial on Driggs avenue, following the Mass.

    Every one in the community looks forward to this event each year. It would be a wonderful gesture on the part of all residents in the vicinity of the church and the Post quarters to display the American flag to pay tribute to the boys who died on the field of battle.

    Henry Bulakowski is in charge of public relations.

    St. Stanislaus Memorial Tribute

    “For God and Country”, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes, says the Preamble to the Constitution of the American Legion. The Legion which is celebrating its 37th birthday this month, is a lay organization composed of veterans, dedicated to patriotism and Americanism, hut God comes first in its statement of principles.

    Throughout the year, the Legion urges each and every American to attend church regularly, practice family prayer at home, and to see to it that religious education of their children is a necessity.

    Each year, the Post sets aside one Sunday, to pay tribute to our departed of the parish and community, who so valiantly gave their lives, in the service of God and country. The tribute consists of a Memorial Mass in church, and placing of Legion floral wreaths at the War Memorial in McGoldrick Park and at St. Aloysius Memorial. This practice started on Sunday February 26, 1950, when the First Memorial Mass Was celebrated and the Post Colors were blessed at the St. Stanislaus Kostka Church. Each year, the tribute and dedication ‘continues, for it is the duty of the living to pray for our comrades who gave their lives that we may live.

    The members of the Post visit the graves of their Comrades to place poppies and flags in their memory the Sunday before Memorial Day. The St. Stanislaus Post came a long way since its first membership meeting in September 1949. Past Commanders Stanley Kugaczewski, John Kozak Nicholas Stefanizzi and Joseph Nowinski did outstanding work to make this Post so well known in the County headquarters of the Legion. The present Commander, Edwin Brady is doing wonderful job as can be seen by his splendid record since his initiation into the Post he was active all the time.

    The many, many members who acted as chairmen as well as their co-workers, on the various committees such as dances, bazaars, Memorial Masses, socials, raffles, poppy sales, etc. and also those members who worked and are working at the clubrooms, all deserve a vote of thank. Their eagerness to work hard is what makes the St. Stanislaus Post one of the outstanding in the County.

    Membership has increased year after year, for which the Post received wide acclaim plus certifications of merit, plaques and a trophy, in addition to citations standing services in the field of Americanism county convention.

    Here in the community the Post sponsors, 2ach term, an essay contest, the winners being awarded medals’. Parties for children of the Legionnaires, plus goodies and candy for the children of the Community, at Christmas time are awaited with eagerness by the children.

    The Christmas trips to the Veterans’ Hospital by the Post Visitation Committee brings cheer and happiness many bedridden veterans who received cartons of cigarettes, candy, pens and cash prizes for the winners of bingo games.

    During the past year, The Post sponsored many affairs, dances, socials, poppy sale, drive, etc., which were well supported and thus were very successful. Thanks to your generous support, the good friend of the Post, you, you, you and you. May your support continue.

    Once more, a simple but sincere expression of gratitude Thank You.

    The present officers of the Post are as follows:

    Commander Edwin Brady,
    Finance Officer Ed Zilinski,
    Vice-Commanders: P. Wozniak, W. Korsz, F. Wodzinski, F, Orzechowski, Executive Committee: M. Justinowicz, F. Zilinski, W. Golembieski, J. Kwiecinski, S. Esposito,
    Service Officer H. Bulakowski,
    Chaplain Rev. J. Kowalski, Rev. R. Wicelinski,
    Acting Chaplain F. Fierro,
    Sergeant-at-Arms E. Wrobolewski.

    Meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month at the enlarged quarters at 119 Driggs Avenue. Come on down and be a St. Stan Legionnaire.

    The present Officers of the Ladies Auxiliary are as follows:

    President H. Orzechowski, Treasure,r L. Vavrick,
    Secretary F. Dziwisz,
    Vice-Presidents A. Kozak, H. Roettinger,
    Executive Committee: J. Ross, F. Waloski, J. Tober,
    County Committee: J. Ross, H. Roettinger, M. Z..vo.yna,
    Historian ,E. Zilinski,
    Chaplain B. Golembiewski.
    Sgt-at-Arms C. Zaczkiewicz.

    Meetings of the Ladies Auxiliary are held every second Wednesday of the month at the Post Quarters. You are all invited to join the ranks of the Ladies Auxiliary of the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post.

    Henry Bulakowski
    Patron – March 11, 1956