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Articles From 1953 -1954


St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771- News


Each term every member of the graduating class of the St. Stanislaus Kostka School writes an essay on some topic selected by the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post. Then the winners a boy and a girl are presented with a gold medal from the Post.


This term the selected topic was “What God and! Country Mean to Me”. The winning essays appeared in the Feb. 7 issue of the Patron. The winners were Helen Kolodziej and Edward Serwinski. Space does not permit me to even quote a few lines from these masterpieces but what I would like to bring out is, that “For God and Country” are the first words to the preamble to the Constitution of the American Legion.

The American Legion organized 35 years ago March 15, grew from a handful of veterans, and today over 3,000,000 veterans are members of this great organization. As you read the preamble you will readily understand the principles and purposes of the American Legion, such as “to foster and perpetuate a one hundred per cent Americanism.” County Commander A. Lombardi in his Commander’s Message to the County Legionnaires states “We should be ever vigilant and alert to the insidious dangers of communism.” Yes, the American Legion is always on the alert and we, as individual Americans should so.

Since the Sunday of Feb. 28th, 1950, when the first Memorial Mass was celebrated, the Post has sponsored Memorial Services every year, to pray for their deceased comrades. During last year’s service, two volumes were presented to the Parish Library in the name of two Korean heroes. We urge everyone to stop in at the library and ask to see the books namely “Korea Story” and “The Vatican and Kremlin.”

During the year, the social functions of the Post went down into the books as successes, namely the dances, social nights, poppy sales, children’s Christmas parties, etc. On Sunday November 15, 1953, the new Quarters of the Post were officially opened with the blessings by the Rev. Studzinski, who in turn received a bronze American Legion plaque, for rendering outstanding services to the community and the Post.

A ladies auxiliary to the Post was recently organized with Mrs. Betty Golembieski as its first President. The membership is open to all wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of Legionnaires. Come to the Post Quarters any Thursday night for further particulars.

The membership drive is now in full swing. Commander Nicholas Stefanizzi announces that the membership of the Post is almost 200 per cent above its quota. So fellows, let’s go. Join up with your comrades. Come down to visit the clubrooms any night except: Thursday night and get acquainted. For your convenience fill out the blank spaces and bring it down to the Post.

Name _____________________________


Date of enlistment__________________

Date of discharge____________________




And to you present members: sign up your brother, relative or friend. Every year at the County Convention the Post is presented with 100% Certificates. But this year, we would like Commander Stefanizzi in the name of the Post to get that first place trophy for membership in our group. So let’s go men. We have a few more months to go before the Convention, so remember. “Knock on Every Door for “54”.

The present officers of the Post are:

Nicholas Stefanizzi – Commander

Stanley Baranowski – Vice Commander Teddy Kwiatkowski – Vice Commander Dominic Gallo – Vice Commander

William Rohs – Vice Commander
Rev. John Kowalski – Chaplain
Ed Zilinski – Finance Officer
Stanley Kraszewski – Adjutant
Henry Bulakowski – Service Officer
Edward Wrobleski – Sgt-at-Arms
Executive Committee: Joseph Nowinski,
John Kozak, Ed Brady, Walter Golembieski, Walter Korcz.
12th Division Commander Stanley Kugaczewski.





Meetings are held every First Wednesday of the Month at 119 Driggs Ave. corner N. Henry St.
Join the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, American Legion.
Henry M. Bulakowski.



St. Stanislaus Memorial Tribute




Today as we gather here in the beautiful St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, let us pray for our departed comrades who died for the cause of peace and the land they loved. And after we leave this House of God, after hearing Mass, let us not forget these heroes, for they died that we and our children may continue to enjoy the Blessings of Freedom which we all cherish so well.

On March 15 to 17 the American Legion celebrated its 34th anniversary of its birth, and is today the largest of all veteran organizations. The American Legion is a community asset, for through its 17,250 posts it takes an, active part in the many affairs of the nation, state, city, village, town or parish. We officers and members of the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post are justly proud to be a part of this vast organization.

On February 1 of this year President Eisenhower, American Legion Commander Lewis Gough and Chaplains of the Legion appeared m the Legion Television Hour in which they urged everyone to attend church services on the day of rest, Sunday. Our County Commander Francis Verrilli in the March Message to Legionnaires everywhere urged them with their families to spend at least one hour in church on Sunday and we sincerely hope that the pleadings of our President, National Commander and County Commander will be faithfully carried out. The Back to God movement advocated by the American Legion was widely acclaimed by the people regardless of race, color or religion.

Today, the Korean conflict is still with us. Our boys over there fighting it out with the reds, getting wounded, maimed for life or killed. Quite a few boys from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn made the Supreme Sacrifice. In the Saint Stanislaus Parish two of our boys’ remains were brought home and were given Military Funerals, and today we pay tribute to them.




Who made the Supreme Sacrifice
Fighting Communism in Korea
That All Men May Continue to
Enjoy the Blessings of Freedom.
Presented to Saint Stanislaus Kostka School Library

The above splendidly designed bookplates are placed in two books “Korea Story” and “The Vatican and Kremlin” which will be presented to the Parish Library today. We sincerely hope that these books will be in great demand once they are placed on the shelves of the library.

During the past year, the social functions of the Post such as the annual dance, the Joe Nowinski Night, the Past Commander’s Dinner to John Kozak have met with great success thanks to the cooperation among the officers and membership and thanks to the fine patronage of the businessmen and good friends of the Post.

Commander Nicholas Stefanizzi has announced that the Membership of the Post has increased tremendously and urges every veteran to join our ranks. Towards the end of May, poppies will again be sold to help the disabled veteran, and again the St. Stans Post will participate in this campaign. We sincerely hope that you will all give us your fullest cooperation when we sell poppies in front of, the church just before Memorial Day. The officers of St. Stanislaus Post are: Commander Nicholas Stefanizzi; Vice-Commanders E. Brady, C. Jata, S. Baranowski, Adjutant S. Kraszewski; Finance Officer J. Nowinski; Service Officer H. Bu!akowski; Sgt. at Arms E. Wroblewski; Executive Committee: S. Kugaczewski, J. Kozak, W. Korcz, S. Kwiercinski, E. Domasiewicz:

Meetings are held every First Wednesday of the Month at the Post Quarters, 131 Driggs Avenue.

Join our ranks and be a St. Stan Legionnaire.

Henry Bulakowski.


For God and Country
We associate ourselves together for the following purposes:




To uphold and defend
The United States of America;
To maintain law and order;
To foster and perpetuate
A one hundred per cent Americanism;
To preserve the memories and incidents
Of our associations in the Great Wars;
To inculcate a sense of individual obligation
To the community, state and nation; To combat the autocracy
Of both the classes and the masses;
To make -right the master of might;
To promote peace and good will on earth;
To safeguard and transmit to posterity
The principles of Justice, Freedom and Democracy To consecrate and sanctify our comradeship
By our devotion to mutual helpfulness.”

Patron – April 12, 1953

1953 Election Of Officers


Monday June 4th, 1952 at the Post Quarters, 13 Driggs Avenue the annual elections of the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, American Legion were held.

For the year 1952-53 the staff will consist of:

Rev. John Kowalski, C.M, Chaplain
Nicholas Stefanizzi, Commander,
Ed Brady, Vice Commander
Walter Golembiewski, Vice Commander
Stanley Baranowski, Vice Commarlder
Chester Jata, Vice Commander
Henry Walowski, Adjutant
Joseph Nowinski, Finance Officer (4th consecutive term)
Henry Bulakowski, Historian and Service officer
Ed Wroblewski, Sgt. at Arms
The executive committee will consist of Stanley Kugaczewski, John Kozak, Walter Korcz and Zeno Domaszewicz.

The newly elected officers will be, installed in a Mass Installation of the 12th District of Kings County at the Post Quarters of the Anfuso-Sessa Post, Wilson Ave. and Hart Street on June 20.

The St. Stan’s Post is actively engaged in a drive for new members. At the Kings County Convention of the Legion, St. Stan’s will be well represented. On July 20th, a bus ride will be held to Dover, NJ. Then on October 4th, 1952 the annual Dance will take place. Music for this occasion will be furnished by Bernie Witkowski and his well Silver Bell

Orchestra with Regina Kujawa.