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Legion Corner 1976

June 8, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


On fame’s eternal Carpet green
Their silent tents are spread
And glory guards with solemn round’
The bivouac of the dead.

The above poem is written and stands just to the right of the man gate, about ten yards in, in Cypress Hill National Cemetery.

Sunday, the American Legion, Kings County was there to remember. Remember those who have made the supreme sacrifice and those who have given, for this country, the best years of their lives. The ceremonies were impressive and solemn.

A special dedication and unveiling of Medal of Honor headstone, for Sgt. Major Daniel Daly, who has been awarded the Medal of Honor twice. The first time in the Boxer Rebellion; then, in World War I. Both citations were read by Frank McDonough, Capt. U.S.M.C.

Before we went to the National Cemetery, a short ceremony was held on Humboldt St. between Norman and Nassau Aves. As you turned the corner into Humboldt St., your spine tingled. Just about every home had an American Flag in front of it waving in the breeze. It was a sight to behold. An impromptu ceremony was held with the Full Honor Guard from St. Stan’s Post heading a short parade, into the middle of the block. A Hi-Fi set played the appropriate music for marching, loud and clear. God Bless America was played while the small contingent of St. Stan’s Post members stood smartly at attention and saluted, right after the Honor Guard fired in honor of those we remembered and couldn’t be with us this day.

To Humboldt St. and its residents I have one thing to say: “I hope your idea gets contagious.” Anyone who hasn’t seen the sight on Humboldt St. can see it on the Fourth of July. Though I hear the Flags will be displayed on a daily basis. Go on down and take a look! It’s worth the walk!!


No sooner said, then done! St. Stan’s sponsored team plays -this Thursday, June 10th vs. Mac’s Elec. on Field #2. On JULY 14th against Gpt. Lions, Field #2, June 17th vs. Grpt. Bowl on Field #2.

Going into the stretch, they play Mac’s Elec. on June 21st on Field #. June 24th against Grpt. Bowl, Field #1, June 28th Gpt. Lions on Field #1. July 1st Field #1 vs. Mac’s Elec. July 8th Field #2 against Gpt. Lions.


St. Stan’s Post and the Ladies Unit are sponsoring a party for your children. Will you please-contact John Montagano, Commander 1771, 383-2948; Jean Mone, Chairman for Unit 1771, 388-1804; or Charles Stanley, Chairman for the Post, 383-2418.

We will be honored by the presence of young children, on this, their day to help fulfill your wishes in all your needs. To bring to the attention of our community, to make them aware of this great problem. The problem which you parents face daily, with these special children. To bring about the necessities which are needed in their daily routine and have been long past overdue.

IT’S A PARTY! FOR THEM!! – Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Soda, Movies!

Prizes for the Children! Gifts for the parents!!

SO-O-O!! Don’t forget to call the above-mentioned people and let them know you’re coming!! The Date is JUNE 17th, 1976. in the


Results are in from 1771: The following members were elected to office in St. Stan’s Post:

Commander John Montagano
Vice-Commanders Nicholas Stefanizzi Jr., Henry W. Nowak, Albin J. Kowalski, Charles A. Stanley
Finnace Officer Michael Justynowicz
Historian Thomas J. Lisacek
Service Officer Richard W. Fitzgerald
Sgt-at-arms Edward Wroblewski
Exec committee Edward G. Strack, Alex T. Mann, Walter Zalewski
Gentlemen, continued success in all your future endeavors.

Dates To Remember!

Next Meeting in 1771 is on the first Wednesday in September. July and August are vacation months! Enjoy! Where ever you go” North, South, East or West I Take care of the Family, they are the best Be you driving, flying or riding a track.

Don’t forget we need you, please hurry back.
‘If you’re staying home and-having a roast,
Don’t forget your friends from St. Stan’s Post.
We’ll come down with plenty of cheer
If you’ll have someone deliver the Beer.

June 15, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


St. Stan’s Bowlers had their Awards Night last June 5th, at their Post Headquarters. Each and every one received Trophy and prize money according to the standings.







Osadzinski, F. Korcz, P. Azzinnari, S
Sta.nley, C. Duda, M. Piaseczny, J.
Murphy, R Wroblewski, E Lutz, J.
Minucci, J Warren, G. Blazak, W.
Stefanizzi, N Korcz, L. Schwartz, H
Accardi, L. John, Jack Mann, G.
Accardi, R. Gallo, D. Candelore, M.
Mann, A. Kowalski, J Maack, T.
Wizbicki, E. Juszynski, S. Rusin, R.
Galeotifiore, C. Justynowkz, M. McCullom, W.

The following have received individual honors for their efforts during the bowling season.

HIGH AVERAGE: (l71) Robert Accardi; HIGHSERIES: (622) John Piaseczny; HIGH GA~E: (255) Nick Stefanizzi; most improved bowler; Jo Kowalski.

A nice time was had by all with dancing and palatable goodies served to all. Present were the Junior Post Commander’ and his wife, Richard J. Haines. Invited also was the newly elected Commander and his wife, John Montagano. Guests of the’ Bowlers were Mildred and Nick Stefanizzi, who presented, two years straight, to the bowlers, their bowling shirts.


The Greenpoint Civic Council,’ this past Friday, tendered an Awards

Dinner to Nicholas P. Stefanizzi and Robert Germino. The beautiful Bowls with proper inscriptions were presented by Mr. L.J. Lasurdo, who acted as the Master of Ceremonies. Doing a most capable job in keeping the presentations and speeches at a minimum.

I would like, at this very moment, to correct a statement made on several occasions, in regard to RITE BEER. It NEYER did expand! They moved to their warehouse which always was there and theirs. They did improve the looks of the store frontage. An asset to the community. They NEVER EXPANDED! THEY MOVED! THEY WOULD LIKE TO EXPAND!!

The Awards dinner was well attended by members of St. Stan’s Post.


After the Dinner and Dance, the party continued at the Post Lounge. Kay Brunning pregnant? . “Pennies From Heaven” at the Awards Dinner What can you say about Larry Accardi?(OY!VEYJ). Had a nice chat with Adele Haines:…Who’s the next Adjutant? Here are some appointments’ made by the new Commander. Membership: Henry Nowak; Americanism: Nick Stefanizzi, Jr.; Hospital Visitation: Albin Kowalski; Child Welfare: Charles Stanley. Enjoy your summer vacation. See you 111 September.

… God Bless!!

August 31, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


The spinning wheels are coming out of the parlor and going to St. Stan’s Post for 11 days starting Thursday, September 30th to Sunday, October 10th. Normally, we have our dates earlier but this year the Bi-Centennial Barge will be in Greenpoint from September 23rd to September 26th and we who work the Carnival would like to see this beautiful display. We have two idea weekends, ending up on the Columbus Day weekend. That’s at 100 McGuiness Blvd. between Nassau and Norman Aves.

The Commander is making sure we get something different in rides for your pleasure. Not two but trying to fit in three rides, on our lot. Admission is free! We will open weekdays, as usual, at seven in the evening. On Sundays, we will open at three in the afternoon.


When is it a better time than the fall of the season for a good Ol’ fashion POLKA DANCE. We are having one on October 16th, 1976. , The time is from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. That’s no mistake, it’s five hours of fun and entertainment featuring Gene Golembiewski and his “Green pointers”. As an EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION, returning is CAROLE GOLIS and her “POLONAISE DANCE GROUP”. That in itself should insure you a good nights’ fun and entertainment. Tickets are available at the Post Lounge any Friday night, in St. Stan’s Post and just about- any night during the CARNIVAL. Shortly, I’ll have the tickets available at RITE BEER, MIKE’S MEAT MARKET and SURGOT STUDIOS.. They will be surprised to read about it for I haven’t asked them as yet! That’s what happens when you have faith in friend~ and fellow Legionnaires. They are there when you need them! So, don’t forget the date Saturday, October 16th, 1976. From 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Yours Truly is the Chairman.


Hey! Comrades! The Post Lounge is open every Friday and Saturday evening. Bob Accardi is Chairman and doing a most impressive job He’s the John Wayne of the Post. “The Quiet One”. A “doer”, not a “talker”. Come down and take a look at the changes. The only thing that hasn’t changed are the bar prices. So, Come on down and have a ball or two or three or?


September 30th to October 3Oth…Carnival. September 19th…Grave Visitation.
This is the annual pilgrimage to the grave sight of our first Post Commander, Stanley Kugaczewski. We meet at the Post at 2 p.m. Bring your cap.


Bill Brunning doing a bang up job as acting Chaplain this past summer … Harry Schwartz was in the hospital for an operation. He’s home now, recuperating. Give him a call … Richard and Adele Haines back from the Republican Convention, Junior Past Commander going to school now in Bathesda, Maryland … Johnny Piaseczny looking good and doing fine. Hopes to bowl the full season. He’s going to give it a try. … Speaking of Bowling. Have you guys answered your letter for bowling? Season’s underway shortly. Sonny Crescente appointed Department Sgt-At-Arms Henry Nowak appointed 3rd Division Commander. Nick Stefanizzi appointed General Chairman of Kings County Legion Ball … Charles Stanley appointed General Chairman of Kings County Legion Ball … Charles Stanley appointed Carnival Chairman … I was appointed to change the dates on our Carnival sign. No sooner said than done. When you see me, have your buck ready for the County Ball Journal Booster!

September 7, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


SEPTEMBER 26th, 1976 is the day for the grave visitation of our first Commander and founder of 1771. Assembly will by at Post headquarters at 2 p.m., REMEMBER I It’s a week later from original date!


If you are a veteran of any of the dates listed below, YOU BELONG I IN THE “AMERICAN LEGION.”

WWI- April6, 1917 to November 11,1918
WWII – December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946
KOREAN – June 25, 1950 to June 31, 1955
VIETNAM – August 1964 to August 15,1973.

If you have used any part of your “G.I. BILL OF RIGHTS” you belong with us. The American Legion was the leader in seeing this bill passed by Congress. WE CARE No matter of your race, color or religion, whether you served “overseas” or “stateside,” whether you served three months or three years or thirty-three years! Come, join us. All you need is your honorable discharge to show us your dates of eligibility.


Remember well and bear in mind;
A good Veteran’s organization is not hard to find.
To join the American Legion is no great task;
Your honorable discharge is all we ask.
In your neighborhood is a Legion Post or two;
Remember Veterans, the “AMERICAN LEGION” welcomes you.

Ed Strack

May I stress, we are NOT a military organization. We are an organization for men who were in the military.


This year our Annual Legion Ball will be held at the Hotel Granada, Grand Ballroom located at 268 Ashland Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. Plenty of parking available adjoining the hotel. DATE: Saturday evening, November 27, 1976. TIME: 9 p.m.

Tickets are priced at $4.00 each and tables often may be reserved in advance. Table reservations can be made at COUNTY CLUBHOUSE on Tuesday, September 7, 1976 at 7:30 p.m. and every Tuesday thereafter. First come, first served. Plenty of good tables available.

This year we are making every effort to have each and every Post represented in our “JOURNAL.” To the Posts who have taken Ads in the past, we thank you and hope you will continue your co-operation and generosity this year. If your Post has not taken an Ad in the past, we URGE you to make every effort in getting an Ad so that your Post will be represented in this year’s journal.

As you have witnessed in past years, the Colors paraded around the Ballroom, is one of the most thrilling sights to see. It’s the highlight of the evening. Your friends and relatives will be looking forward to this treat. Just ask them to attend.

Ads, Boosters, Five Star Patrons, etc. will be available at the County

Clubhouse every Tuesday beginning September 7, 1976.

If you are paying by check for your tables, Journals, etc., please make checks payable to “Treasurer, Kings County, American Legion.” Incidentally! Those of you who are in this immediate area of Greenpoint-Williamsburg can see me during the week at RITE BEER. That’s on the corner of Norman Ave. and Humboldt St. Blanks for the Boosters, Five Star Patron, Journal, etc. are available, or call 383-2122.

Nicholas P. Stefanizzi, Ex-Comm. General Chairman


A belated congratulations to Bernice Melcer for putting up with Leo for 29 years! They enjoyed their anniversary last August 23rd. Paul, their son and daughter-in-law made them grandparents last August 7th. It was a 71b. 12 oz. baby girl named, Jennifer Marie. Say Hello to Paul for me…Kay Brunning up and around again. Saw the Burkes! You know, I forgot to congratulate you two! Call Larry Accardi the “Adj.” New faces appearing in the Post Lounge Bowling begins this Thursday at GREEN POINT BOW. In case you didn’t get the word, your dues in 1771 are now $10 annually. This is due to the raise in per capita tax and the rise in the cost of mailing. Regular MEETING IN OCTOBER WILL BE THE SECOND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH, DUE TO THE CARNIVAL. THAT’S OCTOBER 13th…I hope everyone enjoyed their vacation, are well rested, for we need your help starting September 30th to run the Bazaar and Carnival!

September 14, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


“Joe, will you came over to take a couple shots of the committee?” “Joe, take a few shots of the Carnival.” Joe, will you take a shot of our fence where the truck went through it.” “Sure.” “O.K.”. “I’m busy to-night but I’ll give Richie the camera to take the pictures.” “Joe, will you put a sign in your window for Polish Night and sell tickets to the dance?” “Bring them over, anytime.”

I, for one, has taken this man, a fellow Legionnaire, for granted. Most of the time he’s available for Post duties and NEVER has he been known to complain that too much is being asked of him.

He had much to do with the Americanism Award St. Stan’s Post won in the County and the Department. His pictures were throughout the book, which was presented to the awards committee. He was part of a team, is and always will be. We, in St. Stan’s Post, respect him. We are award of his work for the Post. On more than one occasion we probably drove him up a wall with our requests.


Bowling! Bowling! Bowling!

Those interested in bowling be at GREENPOINT BOWL next Thursday, September 16th, TIME: 7:30 p.m. sharp. They are short four men to complete the league. Bowling is fun and healthy. It still isn’t late to sign up as a complete team. The more, the merrier come on out you 1771 members and have yourself a bowl!


Anyone interested in taking out an “Ad” in the County Ball Journal can contact Nick Stefanizzi, John Montagano or me. They range from $10 for a quarter page; $20. a half page; $35 a full page.

Att. Past commanders: Those of you in 1771 who haven’t taken a “FIVE STAR PATRON” and are interested in supporting the Legion Ball can mail their checks to me or Nick. Your five-dollar checks can be made payable to: Treasurer, Kings County, American Legion.

See Nick Stefanizzi for tickets to the Ball. They are $4.00 per person. In case you have forgotten the date. It’s November 27, 1976 at the Granada Hotel. Ed CAso and his “Miami Beach” orchestra will supply the tempo, for the old and the young.


Our “FALL CARNIVAL” will open 7 p.m. Thursday night of the 30th of September. It will run through to the 10th of October. We will open weekdays at 7 p.m. and on Sundays at 3 p.m.

Our Commander, John Montagano with his Chairman, Charles Stanley hope to have some new rides and hoping for some new innovations, to make the CARNIVAL interesting.


I am particularly interested in this one, being the chairman. Once again it will be a FIVE HOUR fun and frolic night. From 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. the date is October 16th, 1976. Music will be supplied by Gene Golebiewski and his “Greenpointers”. To break up the evening and give you a slight rest between “Polkas” we are proud to bring back for your pleasure the “Polonaise Dance Group” under the direction of Carole Golis. In colorful costumes of the “Krakowiaks” and “Krakowianki” dancing the steps which our parents and their parents knew so well.

Tickets are available at the Post Lounge every Friday night and at the following places: RITE BEER; MIKE’S MEAT MARKET; SURGOT STUDIOS. Price of tickets is $4.00 per person.


Is the Commander giving up his dancing partner, Dotty? He was seen dancing with “Nunzie” “Fred Astaire” Passarella … In case I have forgotten, “Happy Birthday” George Gibney! … Did anyone ever see Dom GaUo not singing while he’s driving the “S.W.A.T.” truck? … HEY! I almost forgot! to those who weren’t at the last meeting. October meting is on the SECOND WEDNESDAY due to the Carnival … Harry Schwartz looking good! Lost twenty-six pounds! … Stanley Maciej! Don’t forget your list of elective officers … OK! So Robert Accardi doesn’t look like John Wayne. His wife, Virginia, wants to buy me a new pair of glasses.


As some of you read this, there are a few hours left to et to the polls. It is just as important to vote in the primaries as it is in the November elections. You want the best from your party to represent you again the opposition. Just as the opposition wants to have their best man against your party.

It is the one weapon you have to speak out and speak out loudly. Use it! Don’t complain things are lousy around the country when YOU haven’t exercised the greatest of all. Your right to vote.

September 21, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Last Friday evening the installation of Officers took place in the Post Lounge of St. Stan’s Post.

The Installing Officer was Joseph Saia, P .C.C. doing a remarkable job of installing the Executive Committee for the coming year. To head this board of officers is John Montagano. Taking his oath of office with pride and humility. Our new Commander was, for seventeen years a worker of some dimension. No matter how small a job or great a job, when John was asked for his help, he never refused. He will always be there when he’s needed.

His first duty after being installed was to surprise a few people. For their involvement in Americanism, a “Citation of Appreciation” was given to: Bedford Memorial Post; Bedame Sessa Post; John Czachor Post, V.F.W.; Beauyou-Hudson Post; St. Stan’s Honor Guard and to a friend of the Post who stood side by side with us Legionnaires, Dominick Bartolomeo.

A “Citation of Appreciation” was given to Nick Stefanizzi Jr. and Ed Strack for their effort in the Americanism program, here in St. Stan’s. Bringing top honors to the Post from both the County and Department.

To Greenpoint Savings Ban”; Greenpoint Gazette, American Kosher Products and Rite Beer for their unselfish donations.

To Joseph Surgot; St. Stan’s Auxiliary Unit who have given unselfishly of their time for “The Good of the Legion.”

Last but not least, (I was saving her for last) to Susan Stanley, for the beautiful mural she painted on the west wall of the main hall. A large American Eagle, in,all its splendor. When you come to an affair in St. Stan’s Post and you enter, look at the opposite wall and have your breath taken away.

There was another citation given. I was the recipient. This one has to be shared with those who have helped me and had confidence in me. I share it with Nick Stafanizzi P.C., now Executive-Committeeman in the County. He was my teacher and still is. His confidence in me was unwavering. He deserves a part of the Citation. To Mike Justynowicz, who stops me from getting a swell head. To John Montagano, what can I you say about a guy who keeps you on your toes. They deserve a part of I the Citation. Last but not least, to Adele Haines of the Greenpoint Gazette. There’s so much I can say about her. She instigated this column.

It took her about six months to get me to do it. I was a scared puppy. (I still am!). Her unwavering confidence in me has to be justified by trying I my best, every time I sit down to write. To my wife, Josephine, need I say more?


Here we are in another Legion Year! First is the Carnival that’s from September 30th to October 10th. We will be open every night, on weekdays at 7 p.m. Sundays, the doors will open at 3 p.m. To you, St. Stan members, goes the cry of HELP to man every concession for the eleven days. The more workers we have the less the workload will be.

Then on October 16th, is POLISH NIGHT. Gene Golebiewski and His “Greenpointers” will supply the tempo for the Polkas, Obereks and the Krakowiak. Yes, in between there will be played American music I from the latest hits and some of the “oldies” for us OL’ folks.

In November we have the “Unit Penny Sale”. That’s on Sunday, November 7th At 2 p.m. Chairlady, Dorothy Zajac has some surprises in store for those coming. More on this one in weeks to come. November 20th, is the Past Commander’s Dinner. It’s Richard Haines Evening. No reason why the hall shouldn’t be packed! November 27th, County Ball, to be held at the Hotel Granada.

If you think that’s all, we are only starting! It’s too early to cover December! From time to time I’ll be giving you data, on all the happenings. First, the Carnival


Did anyone ever see Joe Saia without a smile? I’ll tell you how nice a an he is. He doesn’t tell dirty jokes. Come to think of it, his clean jokes don’t sound like jokes either! Joe, I did smile on the first one! Honest! The collation was appetizing. Vera Justynowicz made the fresh ham, I made the roastbeef. (gotta give myself credit, sometimes!) You should have seen Dominick Bartolomeo’s expression when his name was called to be presented with the citation…Did you ever hear. this guy sing? When he sang on Humboldt Street, the people on Java couldn’t sleep. Besides he has a great voice…HEY! Don’t forget the I “Barge Festival”. Anyone got a “W”! is the most famous saying since the Lottery started. What’s a “W”?

September 28, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Now, you have the cards in your hands. You are the dealer. You may deal a man in; you may deal a man out. It’s that simple. When you play cards, you try to have the best combination of cards possible to beat your opponent.

The same thing is politics is going on right now. One candidate is trying to get the better hand over his opponent You will hear them on the radio, television, on a corner, in a, park, etc. They will harass you until November 2nd. Break in on a ballgame, your favorite T.V. program and shake you up in the tranquility of your home by passing your house blasting from a sound truck. You will get mad but will you listen? That is they key word. LISTEN! Listen to their views and promises. It’s your country they will want to run. You’re the boss. You are the one that’s hiring those running for office. They are your servants and they must look up to you. NOT you up to them, On November 2nd, when your in the booth alone, you will be making a choice from the local level to the national level of men who will, by your consent, run this country for you.

When November 3rd rolls around, the country would have made its choice. Remember. If your man lost, don’t think the world has come to an end, then it’s all over, we do it the democratic way. We get behind the man who was the CHOICE Or THE MAJORITY.

Don’t pass up the privilege of voting and then complain about how rotten things are in the country. Don’t knock it! It’s your country, it’s my country, it’s our country!

When November 2nd comes, don’t forget to get out and VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!! IT’S YOUR DEAL! Vote for the man of your choice!

If you are not a registered voter, now is your opportunity to do so. Registration days are OCTOBER 2nd and OCTOBER 5th. From 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Let us have a record-breaking turnout!


It’s around the corner! Less than three weeks away! That’s a Saturday Night. The hours are from EIGHT in the evening to ONE in the morning. Yes, five hours Of fun and frolic. Presenting Gene Golebiewski and his “Green pointers. ” As an EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION, we are proud to have the “Polonaise Dance Group” with Carole Golis back again. They will dance for your viewing pleasure in the costumes of their Polish ancestors.

Tickets are at $4.00 per person. You’ll be able to get them at our CARNIV AL, at Rite Beer, corner of Humboldt St. and Norman Ave; at Mike’s eat market, Nassau Ave., corner Sutton and Surgot Studios conveniently on Nassau Ave. as you are coming from the subway station. These are all Post members who gladly are helping to make it easier to get the tickets.


Someplace in this paper will be a full page ad pertaining to our CARNIVAL. Won’t you please read it? It starts this Thursday at 7 p.m.


The 57th annual legion Ball will be held at the Granada. Tickets are at $4.00 per person. The ticket chairman is Joseph E. Fennimore. TO ALL POSTS: You can write to Joe for your reservations to Room #1, Borough Hall or to-him directly at 6917 – 10th Ave., Brooklyn., N.Y. 11228. You can call him at 680-8233 or come down to the County Clubhouse ANY Tuesday. There’s plenty of parking. Get your table reservations EARLY! There’s about eleven tables left! Don’t forget the BOOSTERS, FIVE STAR PATRONS and the ADS for the Ball Journal. They have to be in by October 20th. The Ball is being held on Saturday, November 27th, starting- at 9 p.m.


Buddy Grady back on his feet and back to work. Hear George Winnman P.C. is in the hospital, Millie Stafanizzi, with a fractured toe, walking in pain Mike and Vera Justynowicz gained a daughter last Sunday. Formerly Gail Stanisci. Michael Jr. and Gail made a lovely couple Richard Haines back from school, looking great! Did you see the Bicentennial Barge? Saturday night waiked into more Post members at the Barge Festival than at the Post! We could have had a meeting and made quota Stanley Maciej, I’m still waiting! Don’t forget you’re help will be needed to make this CARNIVAL a success. See you all Thursday, at the CARNIVAL.

October 26, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Our Executive Leader Francis L. Giordano was reappointed Chairman of National’s “Standing Committee on Constitution and By Laws” as well as elected to be the Chairman of the National Convention Committee.

Rev. Alfred C. Thompson elected Aumonier National at the 57th Promenade National held at Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, September 18, 1976.


As your Service Officer, many Legionnaires know that I am a New York State Veterans Counselor. As a Veteran Counselor, I am a full-time employee assigned to assist and to serve the Veteran, his dependents and survivors, in Kings County. The hardest part of my job is to get people to hear about me and to come in and see me with their problems before it is too late. For this reason, I once again call on all Legionnaires to act as my eyes and ears in Brooklyn if you know or hear of someone with a Veteran’s problem  tell them about me. I am available on every working day at Room 302, 26 Court Street and I can be reached by calling 875-1077 during that time.

My partner, Sate Veterans Counselor Richard A. Smith, is also in Room 302 and is highly thought of by the many Legionnaires that he has assisted Michael M. Keohane.


Again this year the Annual Veterans Day Parade will be combined with the Pilgrimage Committee in Memorial Services at the Cypress Hills National Cemetary located on Jamaica and Hales Avenues, Brooklyn, N.Y. The Date is: Thursday, November 11th, 1976; Assembly at 9:30 A.M.; Place: Jamaica and Pennsylvania Avenues. 11:00 a.m. Memorial Observance at the end of Parade in Cypress Hills National Cemetary.

All Post Commanders are urged to kindly see that their Color Guard, Post Members, Auxiliary Units, S.A.L. Detachments, Boy Scouts and all Patriots are informed of the Time and Date Victor Allegretti, County Commander.


“…Our first major program of the year will be the annual Kings County Legion Ball at the Hotel Granada on November 27th. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this event…It promises to be a gala event which will launch our year on a high note. Final preparations for the Ball is progressing nicely under the able leadership Of Ball Chairman;=Nick Stefanzzi1 of the St. Stanislaus Post #1771. I might add a personal thanks to Nick for the tremendous job he is doing.

Coordinator, Alfred Caccamo is organizing a magnificent evening. One that we will enjoy. And you all- know AI, rest assured the Ceremonial portion will be short.

In connection with the Ball, please let none of us forget how much the all Journal means to us Victor V. Allegretti, County Commander.


The Auxiliary Unit’s “Colonial Penny Social.” How time flies!! It will be in less than two weeks from the time you read it here! A 5 P.M. starting time for an early evening of “Good Times.” Admission is $1.25 per person. That’s on a Sunday, November 7th. Everyone in Greenpoint is welcome.

The whole committee under the chairmanship of Dorothy Zajac is

working overtime on this project, to make it the best ever


How can I follow up on the write of last week. I don’t think I have to stress the importance of saying thank you to any Commander who has given his all, for the “Good of the Post.” It is a thankless job for the year. We can turn that around by being there and saying thanks the only way we know how.’ When Richard Haines is introduced, to give him a standing ovation. It’s on November 20th, 1976, at Post Headquarters. 100 McGuinness Blvd. Make your reservations early.


Commander Stanley Madej
1st Vice-Comm. John Sowa
2nd Vice-Comm. John M. Tyburczy
3rd Vice-Comm. Konstanty Kunetsky
Adjutant John Slawak
Finance Officer Stanley Korzeniewski
Chaplain Frank Bag
Historian John Slawek
Service Officer Rudolph Stobierski
Sgt.-At-Arms John Tyburczy


No sooner do I tell you to drop a line to George Weinmann in the hospital, he double-crosses me! This is one time I don’t mind being double-crossed. George is home and convalescing. Speedy recovery, George…Don’t forget your “Blood Bank” insurance…On October 31st, Rudy and Ann Sidorowicz will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary…Missed many of your faces at Polish Night…We had a good crowd and a happy crowd.

November 2, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


The Penny Social, as you know by now, is being held at Post Headquarters, 100 McGuinness Blvd. on Sunday, November 7th, at 5 p.m. The way things are shaping up, it looks like an interesting late afternoon and early evening good time, for all.

There will be a “SPECIAL PRIZE BOOTH” for the children at only $.10 a chance to win a toy. I told you the ladies were working overtime to make this an interesting evening.

Remember! It’s next Sunday at 5 p.m. Admission is $1.25 per person. Come one down! Bring the family!!

Memo to Post and Unit Members: Still time for your donations. No matter how small or large. You can bring it down to the Post Lounge this coming Friday Evening or Saturday morning, if that’s more convenient for you.


November 20, 1976 Junior Past-Commander’s Testimonial Tickets

are at $12.50 per person.

November 27, 1976 Legion Ball at the Hotel Granada. Tickets are at

$4.00 per person.

Tickets for these two events are available at the Post Lounge any Friday evening. See the Commander or Nick Stefanizzi P.C.


Read the “Legion Journal” carefully this month. There are two items that need your responses. One for the Children’s Christmas Party, the other for the Commander’s Christmas Party. I must apologize for the short notice you are being given to respond. The blame is entirely mine. I’ll try to get it out ahead of time, to give you more time.


Letting you know there will be a New Year’s Eve Dance at Post Headquarters this coming December 31st. I haven’t full particulars. I know two things. Charles Stanley is the chairman and the tickets will be at $12.50 per person.

I should have more information in next weeks column. This is one of those nights where you have to make reservations early. Well, I’m letting you know now.


It’s only a few hours till the polls close. Have you voted? Have you registered to have the privilege to vote? Think of it! You have the power to accept or reject a candidate. To accept or reject. Think about; it YOU have power! VOTING POWER! You, by pulling that lever, say, it all! You tell your politicians what you want done. You want proof? The Republicans and Democrats both have store fronts for YOUR benefit. Offices where you can go with a gripe or problem AND THEY LISTEN.

I would be my bottom dollar that many don’t use those offices because they are as lazy to go there, as they are to vote! BUT! Are the first to gripe as to how the community is changing for the worst. We, the voters, are the most powerful lobby. in the world. The proof? Look at how much money is spent to get your vote. At how much time each candidate spends each day to convince you, the voter, why you should vote for him. He wants to serve you for the next two, four or six years. You are the man or woman of the hour. You have the power to reject or accept. Now, you make up your mind. Are you going to let someone else do your thinking for you or are you going to do your own thinking.

We are a great Democratic country. We vote and let the majority rule. The majority of what? The majority of voters that go to the polls. Which in reality is THE minority! Why? -One simple- reason. The majority of voters DON’T GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE ON ELECTION DAY. Now that you thought about it, put the paper down and GO VOTE! Today, you are the most important person in the U.S.A.


I have a couple of birthdays for you. Kay Brunning on Nov. 10th and a poor soul who was born on All Souls Day, Nov. 2nd, Jo Kowalski. Many happy moments to the both of you… Maryann, daughter of Mary and Joe Surgot. in Wyckoff Heights Hospital. Should be out in about two weeks. We’re all praying for a speedy recovery, Maryann. Phii Spizuoco. looking and sounding his old self again. Irene McCollum pushing baby carriage on Manhattan Ave., (her grand-daughtet)…Roberta Kowalski. Daughter of AI and Jo Kowalski getting married to Steven Lowicki. Saturday. Nov. 6th in St. Vincent DePaul Church. If there is no column’ next week, now, you know why.

November 23, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Richard J. Haines P.C. will remember Saturday night for a long, long time. Festivities started with the introduction and escorting of the guests, for the evening, to the dais. First was Mr. C. Reiss, Manager of delivery and collection for the U.S. Postal Service. Mark Damowne, Junior Past County Commander, who will have a testimonial dinner on February 19th. Marcello Crescente, Department Sgt.-At-Arms. Joseph Saia, P. C. C. a good friend of St. Stan’s Post. Francis Giordano, Department Judge Advocate, who once again reminded everyone the feelings of the American Legion in regards to amnesty. Victor Allegretti, Kings County Commander. As big as this man is, he has as much energy in working for the Legion. Father Szpilski, Pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish gave the invocation. Tom Bartosiewicz, our State Senator, who with his eloquence of speech praised our Junior Past Commander. Joseph Lentol, our Assemblyman. He, too, held the attention of those present. Sitting on the dais, the Unit President Mildred Stefanizzi. Last but not in the least our own Commander, John Montagano, who on behalf of the Post presented Richard Haines with a Past Commander’s pin. All the guests were escorted to the dais by the committee, which consisted of Nick Stefanizzi Jr., Richard Fitzgerald, P.C., Harry Schwartz and Albin Kowalski. Escorting Mrs. Adele Haines to her table were her two sons, Richard Jr. and Michael. The guest of the evening, Richard Haines was escorted by his mother, Maggie Haines and his mother-in-law, Virginia Schwartz. Presenting Richard Haines with a Past Commander’s wrist watch was his own father-in-law, Harry Schwartz. I might add, he did it with pride and justly so. A beautiful bouquet of long stem roses was presented to Adele Haines by the Chairman of the affair, Nick Stefanizzi, P.C. who had the brief ceremonies run smoothly. His choice of words, in introducing each guest, were carefully chosen and spoken with eloquence.

There was, as usual, first to respond, The Greenpoint Savings Bank; Con-Ed Post; Green Oaks; Bedame-Sessa Post, American Legion; Czachor Post, V.F.W.; Winthrop Civic Ass’n.; Alpha Republican Club and family, friends and members of St. Stan’s Post. would feel “amiss if I didn’t mention one other group. Our own Color Guard who did their usual excellent job. Looking sharp as ever. Presenting the Colors for the Unit of S1. Stan’s Post were Past President, Kay Brunning and Lorraine Accardi.

Music was furnished by the Walter Procanyn Band. The caterer doing his usual good job was Richy’s.


If you are a veteran, you belong to us Join us, now! All you need is your discharge papers which should show the following eligible dates.

April 6, 1917 thru November 11, 1918
December 7, 1941 thru December 31, 1946
June 25, 1950 thru January 31, 1955
August 5, 1964 thru August 15, 1973

Belong to an organization, which fights for the rights of every veteran. Be part of the greatest team in this country, which is proud of, it’s heritage, history and very concerned with the future of this country.


Jean Mone is looking for the annual gifts for Hospitalized Veterans. She’s there on Fridays awaiting you and your gift, to make a happier Christmas for a man who could be far from home. Your response in the past was fantastic. She’s hoping for as good and even better response this year. Don’t forget the County Ball, this coming Saturday. Don’t forget the “Children’s Christmas Party” and the “Commander’s Christmas Party” .


Along with their Veterans Administration November checks, people will receive; the Annual Income Questionnaire. This form must be filled out by everyone who receives it and returned to the Veterans Administration by December 31, 1976. Failure to fill out the form or to return it in time will cause the pension to lapse and reinstatement can take months!

It is recommended that professional help be used in filling out Any Veterans Administration form and especially this form.

November 30, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


On Sunday, January 16th, 1977, open house will be held at the Kings County Clubhouse on Bay Ridge Avenue. Preparations are extensive for a complete afternoon. Festivities will start with a parade at 1:15 p.m.

Soon as I get full particulars I shall pass them on to you. The reason I’m writing now is to have you set aside this date to visit the Clubhouse and see it in all its; splendor. You will not believe it was originally a firehouse. The interior decor is magnificent, especially the upper floor. You must see it to believe it! This project was the baby of Joseph Saia P.C.C. and Frank Giordano, Dept. Judge Advocate. Remember the date! January 16th!!

The Co-Chairmen for the dedication are AI Caccamo, Sam Sgobbo and Joe Saia. They assure us it will be one, none of us will soon forget.


Tuesday, December 7th, will be thirty-five years since the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Over 2.300 military personnel were killed over 1,000 were wounded and about 100 civilians killed or wounded. Five battleships, two destroyers and nine other ships were, sunk. Approximately 100 aircraft were destroyed.

Remembering how it started, remembering where I was remembering what had to be done from that day on is past history. It is something you file in back of your head and once in a while when you read about some peaceful negotiation you wonder…Will history repeat itself?

Let this nation be always alert for another Pearl Harbor. Let this nation never be rocked into position of false security. Let us pray our newly elected leaders have more than peanuts in the shells when and if we are once again without any provocation attached.

Let us remember those who on December 7th. 1941 gave their life for this country, this great country of ours. Let us remember by displaying

our Flags on Tuesday, December 7th. 1976.


At Post Headquarters, 100 McGuiness Blvd. there will be a gathering of people who don’t want to drive on the Eve of the New Year. Or if you just want to drive in your own neighborhood. Yes, St. Stan’s Post will have its doors open for all of you in Greenpoint who want to play it safe.

Favors, food and a bottle of liquor per each table of ten plus a five piece Band is for the offering. Tickets are $12.50 per person. See Charles Stanley for tickets any Friday night at Post Headquarters. Or you can pick them up at Rite Beer, Comer of Humboldt St. and Norman Ave.


The AMERICAN LEGION is a non-sectarian and non-political organization for Veteran of our Armed Forces. The only requirement is honorable service and an honorable discharge.

One of the major concerns has always been the care of disabled and sick veterans. In 1944, the American legion played an important role in the enactment of the G.I. Bill of Rights or, veterans and later supporting similar legislations for Korean Veterans. These measures’ afforded college and vocational training for more than five million veterans, including Viet Nam Veterans. It has enabled more than five million veterans to purchase homes under the loan provisions of the act.

The Americanism and youth projects are enormous. Boys Scouts, Boys Nation, American Legion Baseball, Boys State. Oh yes! Our High School

Oratorical contest. In Baseball over 1,000,000 boys under seventeen years of age play each year a continuing program to combat subversive influences is carried on nationally. Enrolled are over 17,000 posts.

Those of you veterans men and women who haven’t joined any veteran organization because you don’t like what you see from the outside, join us and see what it’s like from the inside.

We need young blood and young bodies, to carry off these great programs and to initiate new ideas, which are always more than welcome. The American Legion, doesn’t want you, the American Legion needs you!

Join the eyes, the heart and backbone of this country. Join the American Legion.


Hey don’t forget the gifts for the Hospitalized VETERANS. Jean Mone is awaiting you anxiously, with your gift for the G.I. in the hospital. I should say, Ex-G.I. No gift is too small. Blouses, tie, sox, sweater, stockings, dolls, skirts, handkerchiefs, you got the ideal! Please no cigars or cigarettes. You may bring the gifts to St. Stan’s Post, 100 McGuinness Blvd. this Friday night or the latest the following Friday. Remember the vet in the hospital for the Holidays.

December 7, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Booklets explaining veterans’ job rights and outlining affirmative action and equal employment opportunities for veterans are available free from the U.S. Department of Labor…For full details contact U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Information, Washington, D.C. 10210.


Veterans needing financial help to continue full-time study Under GI Bill may be eligible for increased benefits under its work-study program, Veterans Administration says…Those eligible may earn up $625 per semester by working maximum 25O hours for VA under its program…Selected veterans can hold part-time jobs with VA while taking schooling… Those interested should contact VA regional office, which maintains their records.

More than $20 billion has already been paid to 6.6 million veteran trainees since GI bill was enacted in 1966. Veterans Administration says total cost of World War II GI Bill was 14.5 billion, while Korean Conflict GI Bill cost $4.5 billion. Benefits under current GI Bill will continue through 1989, but earning eligibility ends at end of 1976 under recent legislation. Almost 64 per cent of eligible Vletnam era veterans received some form of training under current GI Bill. Slightly over half those eligible under WWII enrolled, while only 43.4 per rent of eligible Korean Conflict veterans participated.

The American Legion was instrumental in establishing hospitals and other services for WWI veterans, services which have been, expanded to meet the needs of veterans of later wars, including Vietnam.

In 1944, it played an important role in the enactment of the GI Bill of Rights for WWII veterans and later supporting similar legislation for Korean Veterans and Vietnam Veterans.

Aren’t those reasons enough to support and join the American Legion? The legislative department of the American Legion worked hard to get the best for those who have given the “Best Years of their Lives” for “God and Country.” They continue to work for the veteran I through their Service Officers, in each Post, County, Department. Their work is never done, for as long as a veteran is in need of help, they are there!

Seek out a Post near your home. (St. Stan’s is in Greenpoint at 100

McGuiness .Blvd. Meetings: every first Wed.;) Ask for the Membership Chairman or write to American Legion – Kings County, Room 1, Borough Hall, B’klyn, N.Y. 11201 for particulars.


It’s that time again The Annual funshow put on by the Post and Unit members. Larry Accardi is chairman. He’s been working on the skits and is just about ready to go into production. Music will be by the Lopat Brothers. They will play from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Lopat Brothes and Funz-A-Poppin, a combination you can’t beat, a combination which guarantees you an evening of fun and entertainment. Tickets will be on sale soon! They are at $4.00 per person. This is the night, which gets sold out in a hurry, so, get your tickets early! Check Friday nights at the Post Lounge.

Remember the date! January 15th, 1976!!!


May I give you a thought? When you do your Christmas shopping, support your local merchants, for they support you. Had a BALL at the Ball! AI Caccamo did a splendid job with the ceremonies. The Eleven O’clock toast is a sight to behold and hear. Congratulations to Executive Committeeman Nick Stefanizzi as General chairman of the County Ball. The Journal was never fatter. Nick wants to thank all those who worked with him and supported the ball… Congratulations to St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish on it’s 80th Anniversary…Joe Sorgot, member of St. Stan’s Post, honored by the New York City Police Department, Pulaski Association…Post Lounge, at St. Stan’s, open every Friday and Saturday evening Theme song of St. Stan’s Post, “Don’t Fence Me In?” Don’t forget the New Year’s Eve dance at the post. Tickets are at $12.50 per person. Hats, Favors, food and a bottle for each table of ten. Get your tickets from Charles Stanley or At Rite B ear from Nicky Jr. Next Sunday the Children’s Christmas Party. That’s at’ 2 p.m. Going to the Commander’s Christmas Party?

Remember the slips are due by the 15th.

December 14, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Merchantmen and people of the community have been approached, in their place of business, by solicitors, representing a magazine, “P. A. L. Nothing wrong with these people. Their magazine is a nation wide publication. The “Ads” you are asked to take in this magazine do not benefit the P. A. L. here in the 94th Precinct.

Some merchantmen say they thought they are Police Officers from the 94th. It is an impression, only an impression. FIRST: ASK FOR IDENTIFICATION. ASK WHOM THEY REPRESENT, They are NOT Police Officers, they don’t make the claim. YOU ARE MAKING THE SUPPOSITION. They Are bonafide solicitors, making a bonafide pitch for a magazine, which helps nationally. What percentage do you think the 94th Precinct will get? VERY SMALL, if any.

You want to help? The P. A. L. in The 94th Precinct, it’s a very easy to do. Remember always, the Police Department cannot solicit from store to store and door to door. They are dependent on you by mailing your check or money order to them. You will see posters asking for your support and where to send your money but NEVER will you see an Officer of the New York City Police Department approach you in person.

The Police Athletic League, in our Precincts, has a wonderful programming for those between the ages of eight and twelve years of age. They NEED our support. They need US! The Police Officer in many a case gives own time voluntarily, in helping with the program. He’s helping to build the future of the community, the future of the nation. What better man can you find than a servant of the community, the Police Officer, to teach our young ones respect for the law, respect for one another. What better man than the man in “Blue” will you find to help with the communication which is so direly needed, in the community Here is a man who gives of his own time to keep the young off the street corners or roaming the streets at night. We, in turn, should be willing to help by giving a monetary contribution, to help this man carryon the P. A. L. program.

We urge you, in the spirit of Christmas, in the spirit of good fellowship to loosen up the purse strings and give what you can. Be it a dollar or two or five or 10 or more! C’mon! “Show your colors” AGAIN”!!

Put the P. A. L. on your CHRISTMAS GIFT LIST and mail your contribution to: 94th Precinct, 100 Meserole Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11222. Make the check or money order payable to: P. A. L. Restricted Fund, 94th Precinct. Now, you will know that every penny will stay in the community benefiting those, In Greenpoint. Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!


Those of you who came to the Children’s Christmas Party saw the big beautiful Christmas tree in the main hall. It was trucked down from upstate and DONATED to the Post by Louis Bosco and Danny Kujawa. This was done, by them, for the last few years! Thanks fellas. We of 1771 SALUTE YOU! Casimir Michalski entering Elmhurst General Hospital today. This is some kind of a man! After loosing part of his hand, still comes up smiling God Bless You, Cas! No. Strack. I didn’t take the picture as yet. I’ll get around if. Did you get any pins off “Lefty” lately?

The heating system in the <post Lounge is working again! All the comforts of home! So, Come on’ down! Were open every” Friday and Saturday evening….


December 31st, 1976, New Years Eve Dance. $12.50 per person
January 15th, 1977, FUNZ-A-POPPIN!l$4.00 per person
February 6th, 1977, FOUR CHAPLAINS NIGHT (at Ft. Hamilton 8 pm)
,February 19th, 1977, POST DANCE. (More on this later)
March 27th, 1977, MEMORIAL MASS and PARADE.
January 22nd, 1977, HONOR GUARD going to a Night at the Races.


Once again the K. C. A. L. A. is sponsoring a NURSES SCHOLARSHIP. If you have a daughter interesting in entering the Nursing profession contact me for full particulars on the program at 383-1159.

Kay Brunning, Chairman
Education& Scholarship

December 21, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Yes it’s that time! Our annual Funz-A-Poppin show. Larry Accardi is so hush, hush, that no one is permitted to witness rehearsals. Larry tells me there will be many surprises in store for those who attend. As you know, this is the show, which is put on strictly by Post members. One difference this year. It’s an all male cast. Isn’t that a first?

Lopat Brothers will play for your dancing pleasure. The tickets are $4.00 per person and can be obtained at Rite Beer or by getting in touch with Larry 383-5534.


Last week I mentioned, in this column, about the Senate panel which has thoughts in abolishing the Committee on Veterans Affairs. Not only you but your wives and relatives can write to our Senators, Javits and Moynihan. You can also write to President-elect James Carter c/o P.O. Box 2600, Washington, D.C. 20013.

A few minutes of your time can mean your future in any help you might need in alleviating a serious problem. PLEASE! DO IT NOW!!


Sunday, January 16, 1977 all Legionnaires are requested to assemble at the Bay Ridge Post #157, 345 78th Street, for a parade and dedication of the new County Clubhouse on 68th Street. You are in for a surprise if you haven’t seen this beautiful clubhouse.

As the County Commander says: “Let’s show Kings County that the American Legion is alive and well and living in the heart of Brooklyn.”

(in reference to unionization of Armed Forces)

The American Legion is flatly, unalterably; vehemently opposed to ANY such action by ANY organization and I have called upon our National Legislative Division in Washington to insist that Congress ban such activity.

The American Legion is not anti-union. The American Legion is pro-American”.

” The Constitution charges Congress with responsibility to “raise the Army” and the other services. It charges the President with the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief. He carries out those responsibilities through the chain of command in the Defense Department the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Nothing and no one can be allowed to break that chain. The life of this nation could depend on it. There is no place in it for strikes, slowdowns. shop meetings, pay bargaining. NLRB elections, etcetera.