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Articles From 1981 – 1982

Greenpoint Gazette – September 1981

Appreciation Award

Charles Socrates, proprietor of Socrates Restaurant at 651 Manhattan Avenue, has been awarded an American Legion Certificate of Ap­preciation for assistance extended to St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771.

Presenting the American Legion Certificate of Ap­preciation was: Anthony Podgurski, Post Com­mander Charles M. Merjave, Charles Socrates, George Gibney and John Jakubauskas.

Greenpoint Gazette – September 1981

American Legion Victorious
42 Vietnam Vet Centers To Be Added

St. Stanislaus Memorial Ameri­can Legion Post 1771 announced today that the American Legion campaign to prevent the elimination of the readjustment Vet Center Counseling Service for Vietnam Era Veterans has been successful and ended with a three-year major extension of the program with funding to open 42 new centers in addition to the 91 already functioning.

Post Service Officer Richard Fitzgerald. Sr. PC indicated that the storefront counseling program has between three and five persons at each location ready to talk with Vietnam-era veterans experiencing emotional or other readjustment problems. Some of the counselors are psychologists or social workers whose role is to rap with the troubled veteran and assist him/her through referral for training, job training, job placement drug abuse or emotional stress treatment at VA clinics.

Continuing, he advised: “over 75,000 veterans have been helped since initiation of the program two years ago. For the fiscal year beginning October 1st, an additional $8.6 million will be funded above the presently ap­propriated $21 million. Our Post, the American Legion, our sister veteran organizations lobbied vi­gorously and proved the positive benefits of the program.”

In response to St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771’s campaign, Dr. Donald L Custis – Veterans Administration Medical Director advised: “Your concern for Vietnam veterans is one that has been widely shared in recent years, as the society in general and the VA in particular have moved to recognize that the unique nature of the Vietnam War posed special readjustment needs for many veterans. These needs have been addressed in several ways, in­cluding taking the lead in an interesting “inquiry into the health-related effects of herbicides used in Vietnam and special campaigns to encourage the use of GI Bill educational benefits. A far higher percentage of Vietnam veterans has used these benefits than, either World War II or Korean veterans.”

Continuing. Dr. Custis noted that the counseling program had overwhelming support of both parties in the House and the Senate and that the V A was committed to keeping the Outreach Centers funded and functioning.

The local center is at 165 Cadman Plaza East in downtown Brooklyn, While primarily serv­ing Vietnam-era veterans the counseling centers serve all veter­ans of all wars needing assis­tance. Greenpoint- Williamsburg veterans having a problem are urged to visit the center or to see the Post Service Officer any Friday evening after 8 p.m. at Post Headquarters – 100 McGuin­ness Boulevard.

September 1981

WWI Veterans Notice

St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 in an announcement today to World War I Veterans advised them that the Veterans Administration can provide any medical need to them free regardless of their income.

Veterans of that war who have trouble hearing, for example, can get free hearing aids.

Further information can be received by contacting the Regional V A Office or by contacting the post Service Officer, Richard I Fitzgerald, Sr., PC at the post l00 McGuinness Boulevard) any Friday evening after 8 p.m.

Fitzgerald indicated that the VA has a free publication,  “Veterans Benefits for Older Americans”, which highlights eligibility for VA medical care, compensation and pension programs and burial benefits.

Eligible veterans, including those who served honorably in WWI, can receive information concerning membership in the: American Legion by visiting the post lounge Friday/Saturday evenings or Saturday/Sunday afternoons or by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to the above address for the attention of Vice-Commander Edward Dubowski.

All veterans” are urged to join the American Legion and to continue to “Help American Work. ”

Greenpoint Gazette – September 22, 1981

American Legion LL Team Wins Championship

The team which St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771 sponsors in the Greenpoint Little League won the 1981 championship. A celebration party for the players and their parents was held at Post Headquarters (100 McGuinness Boulevard) at which time, jackets were presented to the team along with American Legion Baseball Participation Certificates.

The team, was presented with Championship Trophies last Sunday by the League, along with Manager Chet Nieves, Coach Tony Molina and Post Commander Charles M. Merjave.

St. Stan’s Elects Charles Merjave
As Commander

The St. Stanislaus American Legion announced last week that its annual installatibn ceremony will be held on Friday evening Sept. 25th at 9 PM.

Nicholas-Stefanizzi. Sr., PCC is the chairman of the installation ceremony County Commander Norman Greenberg will be the installing officer.

The elected officers for the 1981-82 year are: Charles M. Merjave (commander); Lawrence Accardi, Edward Dubowski, Harry Schwartz and Edward Strack (vice-commanders); Edward J. W”lZbicki (adjutant); Michael Justnowicz, PC (Finance Officer); Richard Fitzerald Sr., PC (service officer); Edward Blazak (Chaplain); Thomas Lisacek (sergeant-at-arms); John E. Leddick (historian); Alexander Malewski (Judge Advocate); and George Gibney, Stanley Maciej, Casimir Michalski, George Retm~ski, and Dennis Thornton (executive committee).

Additionally, the following past commanders serve as executive committee members: Albin J. Kowalski, John Montagno, Nicholas Stefanizzi Sr., and Nicholas Stefanizzi, Jr.

AU American Legion and Auxiliary Unit members are urged to attend and enjoy the party to follow the ceremony.

Greenpoint Gazette – November 11, 1981

Veterans Day – 1981

St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771 announced today that Veterans Day ceremonies will be held by the National Cemetery Pilgrimage Committee on November 11th at the Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Jamaica & Hale Avenues).

Edward Blazak, Post Chaplain, indicated that assembly will be at the main entrance and that ser­vices will begin at II a.m. sharp. All Greenpoint- Williamsburg veterans and residents are invited to attend.

The Post will celebrate Veterans Day with a gala Country & Western Night Dance at Post Headquarters (100 McGuinness Boulevard) on Saturday, Novem­ber 14th, beginning at 9 p.m. Chairman John “Jak” Jakuban­skas has indicated that tickets are still available. Along with .the “Grandmas’ Grandsons'” Band will be an ample amount of chicken and unlimited beer for an $8.00 per ticket donation.

Veterans Day this year includes a special salute by the American Legion to the disabled veteran during the International Year of Disabled Persons, as the Legion highlights its work in assisting, caring for, and representing the 1 needs of those veterans, whose burden of battle and sacrifice did not end on the faraway battle fields of foreign countries; but, has remained with them throughout the years.

For those millions the sacrifices were greater. They fought to preserve our American way of life. They fought to help others at­tain and enjoy the fruits of individual dignity. They fought valiantly to preserve a unique ideal, which has made nations great. Many of them have, also fought, and won, the battle, which challenged their capability to deal with additional adversity.

President Ronald Reagan, in proclaiming 1981 the Inter­national Year of Disabled Persons in the United States said: “. ..Disabled Americans represent one of our most underutilized national resources. Their will, their spirit, and their hearts are not impaired, despite their limitations. All of us stand to gain when those who are disabled share in America’s opportunities.”

The American Legion, through the continuing efforts of its Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Program, strives to improve better living conditions for the disabled veteran by reducing dependency through medical and vocational rehabilitation. The National Economic Commission operates a continuous program of recognition of employers who have outstanding records in hiring and retaining the handicapped, especially disabled veterans. The Legislative Commission maintains a vigilant watch on developments in Congress to make sure that previously won gains for the disabled veteran are neither damaged nor diluted, and to place in motion those initiatives necessary to “fine tune” the benefits program for the disabled veteran.

The American Legion on this Veterans Day, as America honors all of America’s war veterans, asks residents to especially salute the American disabled war veterans as a special part of this International Year of Disabled Persons.

Greenpoint Gazette – November 24, 1981

American Legion Promotes
National Family Week

St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 is urging all Greenpoint- Wil­liamsburg residents not to con­sider National Family Week, November 22-28th, another line on the calendar; but, to discuss the meaning of the family with all of the members of the family during this week.

The American Legion has supported the observance of National Family Week for nearly ten years. The Congress has passed a joint resolution to give “national” status to the obser­vance and President Ronald Reagan as signed the resolution.

Vice Commanders Lawrence Accardi, chairman of the Post Children & Youth Committee, and Edward Strack, chairman of the Post Americanism Committee have issued the following state­ment:

The family is our fundamental social institution. It is and always has been, the basic moral and economic element of society. Vital to human development, families are the building blocks of civilization. The family is the institution in which we learn and practice those attitudes of right vs. wrong, of fairness and charity.

. Teaching us responsibility and compassion, the family encourages our best efforts, and forgives our failures. It is within the family that we first learn to communicate with other people, to give and receive love and understanding, to work together for common goals and to respect the rights, needs, and talents of others.

No institution can take the place of the family in giving meaning to human life and a stable structure to society. Neither schools nor government institutions can ever replace the family in the development of on responsibility and caring indivi­duals.

From within the family are produced strong ideals. the fibers from which the nation’s fabric is formed. Our social and individual achievements, be they great or small, can generally be traced to early family influences.

In recognizing the worth of the family, it is appropriate that a week be set aside which; honors this most basic of our social institutions. This week is set aside to be celebrated that week in November which includes Thanksgiving Day – a day when family traditionally gather to recognize the contributions family life has made to our shared values of liberty, justice, equality, and compassion.

Greenpoint Gazette – November 1981

Polka Night At St. Stan’s Post

St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 is sponsoring its annual Polka Night on Friday evening. Nov. 27th in the headquarters: ballroom at 100 McGuinness’ Boulevard. Jimmy Sturr and his 10-piece band will provide the entertainment between 9 PM and 1 AM.

Donation is $7 per ticket and , includes unlimited beer. Reservations can be confirmed and tickets purchased at Eddies Hardware Store (663 Manhattan Avenue), Rite Beer Beverage Center (749 Humboldt) or at the Post Lounge this Friday or Saturday evening after 7 PM.

Greenpoint Gazette – December 1981

American Legion:
New Year’s Eve Party

St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post today an­nounced that plans for a gala New Year’s Eve Party were proceeding and that tickets were available at Riles Beverage Center on Humboldt Street and Eddie’s Hardware Store on Manhattan Avenue for a donation of $25.00 per couple.

The evening will include live music between 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m., a delicious hot-cold bullet, 2 bottles of cheer for each table of ten, unlimited beer, and the usual fun hats, noise makers, balloons, etc. to insure that everyone enjoys the evening.

Individuals requiring a full table are requested by the Chairman to make reservations, as soon as possible, to insure a favorable location in the hall, which is to be done on a first come basis done on a first come basis.

Meanwhile, the Post has had an active month. Last Saturday evening, the Post – sponsored a Children & Youth Fund Raiser. Chairman Lawrence Accardi previously reported on the successful free skating session at the Greenpoint Roller Ring, the Halloween Party at the Post and the session at the Greenpoint Bowl provide free to community children.

Last Sunday afternoon, a free Holiday Party was held in the Post, attended by about 250 children, who received a free gift, consumed 610 hot dogs and almost 14 cases of soda, saw cartoons and talked with Santa Claus, who greeted each could and presented a stocking full or goodies.

This weekend, the Commander’s Christmas Party for members will be held Saturday evening; after which, on Sunday, the Annual Christmas Party for members children will be held. 300 children are expected to attend.

To celebrate the holiday season, the American Legion will distribute food baskets to needy families recommended by local Houses of Worship. Additionally, gifts and holiday stockings will be presented to children at Green­point Hospital and other institutions.

The officers and members of St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 wish all residents Seasons Greetings” and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Greenpoint Gazette – December 1981

Veteran Job Alert Advisory

St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771 is advising Greenpoint-Williams­burg veterans that New York City is accepting applications for Correction Officer jobs.

Richard Fitzgerald Sr. PC., Post Service Officer provides the following information: for men and women between the ages of 20-29 years; starting salary at  $17,949 increasing to $23,510 after three years; overtime oppor­tunities; benefit privileges include: family dental optical maternity coverage pension sick leave; applicants who qualify will be graded solely on their employment experience; and outstanding promotional opportunities.

Applications must be filed on or before December 22nd. Further information can be received by calling: 925-4455 or at the applications section of the city Personnel Department at 49 Thomas Street in Manhattan.

Greenpoint Gazette December 1, 1981

American Legion Urges All To Observe American
Education Week

St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 announced today that the American Legion is urging all citizens throughout the United States to participate and observe the 61st annual American Education Week.

Vice Commander Lawrence Accardi chairman of the Post Children & Youth Committee indicated that Borough President Howard Golden has been urged to issued a Proclamation in observ­ance of this years theme:  American Education and You partners in Our Children’s Future.

American Education Week was begun as a joint venture in 1921 of the American Legion and the National Education Association. This was the result of a revelation during WW I that an alarming proportion of America’s population was illiterate and physically unfit. Though these reasons are to a degree still with .us, the primary concerns today are centered around the need to improve academic excellence, ending vandalism, violence in schools and school dropouts.

The American Legion has reaffirmed its commitment to improving and supporting educa­tion at all levels. It believes that schools represent a major invest­ment by the community and that teachers are an important part of the community’s leadership. Education represents the best possible avenue of improving the quality of life in Brooklyn.

Though the reasons for the initial observance of American Education Week have changed, The American Legion and its Auxiliary Unit continue with others to lead the way in seeking the aid and assistance of every concerned American for better schools as the future of our Nation will soon rest in the hands of our children. It is our duty to insure that they are prepared for this responsibility. AMERICAN  EDUCATION AND YOU PARTNERS IN OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE.

Greenpoint Gazette – January 1982

American Legion To
Help VA Find Ex-POW’s

St. Stanislaus Memorial Amer­ican Legion Post 1771 has announcedthat it is participating in the nationwide campaign to assist the Veterans Administra­tion in identifying and locating all living former POWs so that they can be made aware of the “Former Prisoners of War Bene­fits Act of 1981.”

Richard W. Fitzgerald Sr., Post Service Officer is requesting former POWs to forward to the Post (100 McGuinness Boulevard) their name, address, tele­phone number, VA claim number, Social Security Number and to advise whether or not they are presently receiving any benefits.

The information is being gathered so that the V A may contact the former POWs to tell them of the recently passed legislation and to assist them in applying for benefits.

Mr. Charles M. Merjave

Greenpoint Gazette – January 1982

Veteran Job Alert

St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771 is advising Greenpoint -Williamsburg veter­ans that the New York State Civil Service Department has a variety of job openings; for which, written tests will be held on March 13th.

The positions range from assistant environmental analyst ($12,665 a year) to chief of the Mineral Resources Bureau ($32.599) and automobile mechanic ($13.154) to mechanic assis­tants ($10.535).

Information on the type of job openings and applications can be received at a local Civil Service Department Office or at State Employment Service Office. General information can be received by calling: 488-5496.

Greenpoint Gazette – January 26, 1982

John Montagno To Be Honored

St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771 an­nounced today that the Past Commander John Montagno is to be honored with the presentation of Life Membership at a special ceremony on Saturday evening, January 30th.

Commander Charles M. Merjave stated: “the honor of a Life Membership is granted to an out­standing member in recognition of exceptional service to the American Legion. The member­ship unanimously passed a resolution to give this honor to Past Commander John Montagno.

In the past, the following in­dividuals have been awarded a Life Membership: Marcello Crescente, Richard W. Fitzgerald, Sr., Michael Justynowicz, Nicholas Stefanizzi, Sr., PCC, and Walter A. Zarzycki.

Vice Commander Lawrence Accardi, chairman of a special planning committee for the presentation, indicated that preparations were initiated several months ago and were proceeding on schedule. The presentation ceremony will be meaningful and the evening full of enjoyment, fun, and few sur­prises. ”

John Montagno, a retired teamster, is a World War II veteran, having served with the 3rd Army Division-899th Tank Destroyers. John and his wife, Dorothy, have been married for 38 years, have two sons, and two grandchildren A member of the Post for 21 years, John Montagno was post commander in 1976-77. He was noted as a no-nonsense comman­der, and led a counterattack against local groups promoting opposition to American foreign policy in Southeast Asia. During his term of office, the Post Memorial Area was dedicated. Through the years, he served in many post offices, and, has been active in many Post programs; in­cluding, Americanism, Children & Youth, Hospital Visitation/Veterans Programs, the House Committee, and in promoting additional membership. Also, he has been in­volved in fund raising social ac­tivities used to finance the many Post charitable activities. Particularly, he has been the principal director of the Post Funz-A­Poppin Show. Mr. Montagno is noted for his elegant oratorical ability and use of the English language to project ideas and opinions.

Commander Merjave noted: “When a hand was needed, John was there and provided two. This presentation is a token expression by the members of the Post for his dedicated service through the many years.”

All Post members have been invited to attend the presentation ceremony, which is scheduled to begin promptly at 9 p.m. on January 30th.

Greenpoint Gazette – May 25, 1982

Take 5 Minutes To Read This
You May Help Save A Life

St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771, Children & Youth Committee, as it completed observance of Children & Youth Month, is advising Greenpoint-Williamsburg residents/parents about Tourette Syndrome, which afflicts an estimated 100,000 Americans.

Vice Commander Lawrence Accardi, committee chairman, indicated that TOURETIE SYN­DROME is a physical disorder of­ 0 tern mistaken for psychological illness. To be treated, it must be correctly diagnosed. The four essential characteristics of Tourette syndrome are:

Onset between 2 and 15 Tourette Syndrome always beings between these ages, with an average age of 7 years. It is chronic and lifelong.

Involuntary muscular movements, fast eye blinking, head jerking, facial grimaces, knee jerks, and other body movements.

Uncontrollable noises. In­voluntary grunting, snorting, snif­fing, throat clearing, barking, other odd noises. Also involun­tary profanity in some patients.

Symptoms vary over time. Symptoms change, replacing one another, over time. They vary in frequency and severity, and always disappear during sleep.

Concluding, Accardi noted that undiagnosed and untreated, Tourette syndrome could have devastating effects on the patient and family. That’s why correct diagnosis of Tourette syndrome is the first and most important step to treating it. Further information is available from: The Tourette Tourette_Syndrome Association/41-02. Bell Boulevard/Bayside, New York 11361.

Greenpoint Gazette – June 15, 1982

Veteran Job Alert

St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771 is advising its members and veter­ans residing in the Greenpoint­ Williamsburg community, that I applications are now being accepted for various positions by I the new York City Transit Authority.

Richard W. Fitzgerald, Sr. Post Service Officer, indicated that the positions include: electricians, sheet metal workers,  heating and air conditioner mechanics and  electronic equipment ­: maintainers. There is no competitive written examination.

As an example, the electricians positions start at $10.361/14hr or $11.55/hr depending on assign­ments. The requirements are: 21/2 years full-time paid journeyman level experience repairing, instal­ling troubleshooting complex electro-mechanical or electronic equipment.

In addition to salary, the comprehensive package of bene­fits include: 100/0 night and weekend differentials, compre­hensive Family Health Plan, paid holidays vacations, sick leave and promotional opportunities. Complete information and appli­cations can be received Mondays to Fridays, 9-11 am, Lobby Application Section at 370 Jay Street.

Greenpoint Gazette – June 29, 1982

Legion: Prevent  Drug Abuse

St. Stanislaw’s Memorial Ameri­can Legion Post 1771 Children &  Youth Committee, in an attempt to help stem the rising tide of  drug use and abuse, is urging  parents and community residents to take the time and read factual information regarding drugs and their effects, after which, to take the time to teach their children.

Vice Commander Lawrence Accardi, committee chairman, indicated that: “The 1980’s find this nation confronting a problem which has evolved from an increase in the kinds of drugs now available, the amount of drugs, and in the number of young people using them. Advancement of medical technology, particularly in the development of ampheta­mines and barbiturates, maybe a factor in, the rise ill use of illicit drugs. Ease of availability of lawful, and socially accepted drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, has been cited as a factor contributing .to the drug problem. ”

Continuing, “More is being, learned about the adverse effects of marijuana as more in-depth research is being conducted. Cultivation techniques used in growing the plant itself have resulted in a much more potent drug than was available ten years ago. But most distressing are the surveys showing a greater number of young people using this drug, with a tendency toward its use by ever-younger children.”

Accardi stated: “An ounce, of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ still holds true and the best way to stop drug abuse is by prevention. It’s a simple concept, I but it does require constant work to be successful. Prevention is a positive process, which requires basic understanding and strong commitment from parents. If children grow up with love and security, can express themselves freely are realistic and yet optimistic about their abilities, and can make sound decisions, they will probably never become dependent on drugs.”

Some of the things a parent can give a child to help them from becoming involved with drugs  are:

Love and affection as the child grows.
Consistent and fair discipline.
Open channels for feelings and thoughts.
Opportunities for successful experiences at home and school.
A stable family” atmosphere.
Tolerance for the child’s mistakes.
Models of strong and thoughtful adults.
Accurate information about the problems of growing up  today.

Continuing,  “yes not every child will have a problem with drugs, but nearly every child will at some time be confronted with I he decision to try drugs. If a parent raises a child to be a thinking careful adult, capable of making independent decisions with knowledge of and attention to the consequences, the proba­bility of ‘a child saying ‘no’ to drugs can be greatly increased.”

Accardi summarizing started “If parents don’t know about drugs, they can’t teach their children The American Legion believes that any, measure of protection from drugs is to be realized prevention of abuse must start in the home.  As parents and concerned citizens we have a responsibility to see that our children are aware of the consequences. both legally and medically, should they make the decision to try drugs.” Additional information can be received by writing directly to:

National Clearinghouse for Drug Abuse Information; Nation­al Institute on Drug Abuse; 5600 Fishers Lane. Room lOA-56; I Rockville. Md. 20857.

National clearinghouse for Alcohol Information; .National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; 776 E. Jefferson Street; South Plaza. 4th Floor; Rockville. Md. 20852.

The National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors; 1336 New York Avenue N.W. 2nd Floor. Washington,  D.C. 20005.