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Articles From 1962 – 1963

Post Elects New Leaders

St. Stanislaus Memorial Post American Legion, held its election of officers last month. Installations will be held in September.

John Brady succeeds Henry Waloski as commander. Serving with Brady will be Rudolph Fafalak, Louis Lichtenberger Jr., Leonard Wasniewski and, Thomas Cunneely, vice – commanders; StanJey Lowicki, adjutant; Michael Justynowicz, finance officer; Frederick Orzechowski, acting chaplain; Walter Retmanski, historian.

Also, William Brunning, sergeant-at-arms; Alexander Ma1ewski, judge advocate, and Peter Rago, service officer. The executive committee officers are Casimir Skibicki, Walter Korcz, Leon Korcz, George Marren and Edmund Zilinski.

March 1963

Legion Presents Life Memberships

Life membership cards we’re presented to members of the St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion during a recent social held in the post headquarters at 119 Driggs avenue.

Emblematic gold memberships cards were presented by Thomas F. Callahan, former county commander, to the founder and first commander of the post, Stanley J. Kugaczewski and past commanders, Nicholas Stefanizzi and Michael Jilstynowicz. Both former commanders are also members of the elite 40/8 Voiture of the legion.

In attendance were Auxilary County President Marie Green and Mrs. Kay Brunning, president of St. Stan’s Auxiliary.

Also former county commanders John Brady, Edward Rhattigsn.

Edward Zilinski was chairman of the social and was assisted by Stanley Lowicki. A buffet followed the presentations.

Commanders Message

The most important date for our St. Stanislaus memorial Post No. 1771 this year is March 31st, 1963. That’ is because we honor our dead heroes by having “Our Memorial Mass” on that day. This is more than just expressing our sorrow. We as American Legionnaires have r volunteered to keep the faith of those who have made the Supreme Sacrifice, for the perpetuation of the American ideal. As the concern increases over the apparent hesitancy of our countrymen to display their patriotism, so the need becomes ever greater for the American Legion to make every effort to inspire all Americans to express their love of God and country.

We ask all our friends in Greenpoint to offer a prayer and pay homage to the dead of our post and community. Although they are gone they will never be forgotten. As the bell tolls at each of our meetings and also at wake calls we stand in silence, and remember the dead, we pray for them often.

This day can retain its significance only if all share only in its observance. The display of the American Flag, be ‘ it large or small, along our way of march, preceding our I Solemn Mass at 11 A.M., at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, 1 will show us that you will join Us and pay tribute to our “Dear departed comrades”.

In closing, on behalf of our Post, would like to thank the Rev. Father F. Hladki C. M. and all the priests of the parish for their cooperation, and offer up this Memorial Service for our glorious veterans, who have departed from this world and have reported to the commander of us all God in Heaven.

September 15, 1963

The Father Studzinsi Square

It was approximately two years ago that an idea origm1ting in the mind of Past Commander Nicholas Stefanizzi was brought before the body of the St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771. The idea was to have the city make the square on the corner of Driggs Avenue and Oakland street into a memorial to the late beloved Pastor of the St. Stanislaus Kostka’ Church – the Very Reverend Father Joseph Studzinski, C. M. He suggested that the square be named the Father Studzinski Square.

Past Commander Stefanizzi submitted his idea in the form of a motion and the body of the Post under the leadership of Post Commander Michael Justynowicz had unanimously passed it. The POST would endeavor to have the square named the Father Studzinski Square and a landscaped plot would bear a monument designating it so.

A committee was formed and to ensure that the project would attain a successful conclusion, it was suggested that Assemblyman Edward Lentol (now State Senator) would be the logical man to guide us and to bring this endeavor to the proper city official’s attention. As in the past, Mr. Lentol was more than happy to help our organization. He brought our plea to the attention of Mr. Sharkey, who was our Kings County Leader. Mr. Sharkey, in turn arranged to have our Post representative, Service Officer Peter Rago, present a formal request of our desires to the City Council. The end result was a victory for our community, the Council voted in favor of our project.

Although this idea was conceived and nurtured by the St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771, the project would not be the reality is today without the untiring efforts of State Senator Edward Lentol, Mr. Sharkey – with the approval of Leader Rudolph Zimmerman and Co-Leader Ethel Walsh. These people will never be forgotten.

Today, our historian will record that we have participated in another community endeavor. We cordially invite all the parishioners and members of our community to attend and participate in this afternoon’s DEDICATION AND UNVEILING CEREMONIES on the corner of Driggs Avenue and Oakland Street. The ceremonies will begin at approximately 2 PM.

Our Post is very proud and honored to have been the organization responsible in having the square named after the late Very Reverend Father Joseph Studzinski, C. M. He was the acknowledged “Father” of the St. Stanislaus Memorial American Legion Post 1771. He devoted his boundless energies in support of the concept that the church and our American Legion Post are the keys to our community spirit. While following his parochial pursuits, he had also been guided by an objective that was close to his heart, and that was to assist and further the interest of the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post. During the course of his many years of tireless effort, he did not swerve from this appointed purpose. His devotion to the welfare of the post had been truly unselfish. His deep understanding of the countless problems which confronted the founding of our Post had been of valuable assistance. He had emulated the American Legion principles to the fullest degree by his courageous regard of fair-mindedness; his highest standards of integrity and his natural consideration had proved an inner strength to those whom he had served.

The following Post members are on the Father Studzinski Square Committee:

Nicholas Stefanizzi, Chairman
Stanley Lowicki, Post Commander
Michael Justynowicz,
Richard Fitzgerald,
John Brady,
Henry Waloski,
Walter Golembiewski,.
Stanley Kugaczewski,
Henry Bulakowski,
ohn Kase,
Peter Rago,
Edmund Bartash,
Kay Brunning,
Edmund Zilinski,
Walter Korc,
The Late John Rash.

Father Studzinski Square
A Tribute To A Hometown Priest

4,000 Attend Ceremony

An estimated 4,000 persons turned out for Sunday’s dedication of the memorial to the late Very Rev. Joseph Studzinski, C.M., pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church.

The ceremony kicked off with a parade which started at 1:45 P. M. in front of the St. Stanislaus American Legion Post at 119 Driggs avenue.

At 2 P.M. the marchers arrived at Oakland Street and Driggs Avenue, the site of the memorial, where the crowd had congregated.

The memorial, with a portrait of the Very Rev. Studzinski, was unveiled by Michael Justynowicz former, commander of St. Stan’s   Legion, who was assisted by other members of the post.

Blessing of the memorial was conducted by the Rev. Francis Hladki. pastor of St.. Stanislaus R. C. Church.

St. Stan’s Legion Post Schedules Carnival

A carnival to raise money for a permanent headquarters will be held from Sept. 15 to Sept. 24(1963) by the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post, American Legion.

To be held on the site of its planned permanent headquarters on Oakland street between Nassau and Norman avenues, the carnival will start 7P.M. weekdays and 6 P.M. Saturdays and Sundays.

Members of the committee are Nicholas Steffanizzi, Edward Zilinski, Henry Waloski, commander John Brady, Richard Fitzgerald, Richard Skibicki, Peter Rago, George Warren, Felix Woblewski, Victor Cannanzarro, Thomas Cunnolly, Edward Kozak, Leonard e Wasniewski, Michael Justynowicz Philip Kaspryzycki and Louis Lichtenberer.

According to THE committee plans, there will be at least 10 booths and prizes including kitchen appliances, luggage, house ware, stuffed animals and many others.

A door prize will be awarded every night for those present at  the drawing and there will be rides for children and a refreshment stand.

Seffanizzi, who is chairman of the committee emphasized that the entire project will be, run by the members of the post and that there will be no outside concessions of  any kind.

We Will Run a carnival by and for family people and all proceeds will go toward the, building of our new headquarters he declared.

Admission will be free.

The post, which has a membership of 400, has been active in many community’s projects. It sponsors a Babe Ruth League team, gives Christmas Parties for children of local schools, conducts bingo parties at least twice a year at veteran’s hospitals and takes part in many other endeavors.

One Of The improvements sought and obtained by the post was the naming of Father Studzinski Square, Commemorating an outstanding pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church.

The Oakland street site was bought from the city by the post as a site for permanent headquarters and to prevent acquisition by commercial and industrial interest.