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Articles From 1996 – 1997


By Fred P. Schwally

After thirty (30) years of service to the Greenpoint Community, St. Stanislaus Memoria1 Post 1771 of the American Legion headquarters’ were opened for the last time to the public at 100 Mc Guinness Boulevard on Sunday, October 21, 1996.

Members from yesteryear commingled with currently active members with heavy discussions throughout the afternoon pertaining to the history of this building which has been a staple structure in the Greenpoint Community since 1968.

Final Memorial Ceremonies were performed at 3:00p.m. when current Post Commander Edward Johnston, assisted by Junior Past Commander Richard Loesel, escorted the assemblage to St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 , American Legion Memorial Site, located abject to Post Headquarters. This final ceremony was the “Retirement of Post Colors” which was choreographed by Past Commander Edward Wisbichi, currently the Post Chaplain.

Over 100 guests watched as the flag to Post 1771 was lowered for the final time. Edward Wisbicki, although not physically present, planned a very moving and memorable ceremony.

The current members and officers of St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, American Legion would like to inform the community and potential members, that regular meetings continue at 8:00p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at various locations throughout the Greenpoint Community, as a post Committee investigates a future Headquarters location.

St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, American Legion would like to thank the Greenpoint Community for their past support and anticipate their continued support in future endeavors.