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Legion Corner 1977

January 4, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski

King’s County Commander’s Message

About Clubhouse Dedication. January 16, 1977. It’s here at last! On this day the official Club house dedication will be ‘held. We wilt assemble at one o’clock at the Bay Ridge Post #157, 345 78th Street, and march to the Clubhouse on 68th Street for the ceremony which will begin at two o’clock. The street will be closed for, the event to which Governor’ Hugh Carey and Mayor Abraham Beame have been invited along with many other elected officials. We expect media coverage so come on Posts, we need the support of all of you…let’s be out there with members and colors; Let’s show Kings County that the American Legion is alive and well and living in the heart of Brooklyn.

Chairman Sam Zgobbo, Al Caccamo and Joe Saia have gone all out as usual. We want to see that street jammed from end to end, and don’t worry, the building can hold us all for the refreshments to be served afterwards Victor Allegretti, County Commander.

Legislative Report: Mr. John P., Tipping, Chairman Department legislative Committee has received a report from the Washington office informing him that a special Senate panel proposed to reorganize the State Committee system and as part of this plan to abolish the Senate Committee on-Veterans Affairs and place the committee’s function in a new committee on Human Resources. This one hurts Legionnaire. Their abolishment would constitute one more defeat for the American Veteran on Capitol HilI. Perhaps there are those in Washington who feel the plight of the veteran is no longer a concern. We disagree vehemently. and urge each of you to write to Senator Moynihan and/or Senator Javcits demanding this committee be retained. It’s Up To Us! ! Victor Allegretti, County Commander.

NOTE: This column would like to suggest to ALL veterans to take up their pen and paper to back the American Legion to the hilt. Our Legislative Department fights for ALL veterans.

Junior Past President’s Testimonial

A cocktail hour and Dinner is being given to honor Betty Gallo, Junior Past President of the 1771 Auxiliary. The affair will be held at Post Headquarters, 100 McGuiness Blvd. on Saturday, February 5, 1977. The Cocktail Hour will start at 8 P.M. everyone will be asked to be seated at 9 P.M. to see and hear the introductions of the Honored

Guests who will be escorted to the Dais.

Won’t you, the friends of Betty Gallo, help us honor Betty on her day? You can get in touch with me, Jean Mone, 388-1804. Edith Schkrutz, my co-chairman. Ticket Chairman, Tina Mann, 389-4454 or Helen Lewicki, Lee Sadowski, Lottie Herman and Terry Juszczynski.

Tickets will also be available, at the Post Lounge, any Friday evening. Tickets are at $12.50 per person. This includes the Cocktail Hour, Prime Rib of Beef for dinner, a bottle of Cheer per table and thlt music

of Neil Simonetti and His Band, Jean Mone, Chairman.

Life Goes On In 1771

Welcomed in 1977, in 1771. Made a New Year’s Resolution I promise to keep. I promise not to make any New Year’s resolutions…Speaking of New Year’s. One of the finest crowed ever assembled under one roof were to the celebration of the New Year at’ Post Headquarters. The night was perfect, thanks to the Chairman and Co-chairman. Name1y.

Charles Stanley and Larry Accardi. Now, we are looking ahead to Funz-A-Poppin!

This annual Dance and Fun Show is looked forward to by many. Under the Chairmanship of Larry Accardi, who promises a 11Ight not to be forgotten soon. Tickets to this affair are $4.00 pet person. For your dancing pleasure the “Lopat Bros.” will give out with their rhythms of old and new. The date is: Saturday, January 15, 1977.

First musical note will be heard at 9 P.M. C’morlDown for the Fun!

January 18, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Compari, Padrino, Paesano, Ciao! Buona notizia is the fact that Nick Stefanizzi Jr. is chairing a Post function on Saturday, February 19th and calling it “ITALIAN NIGHT”. The dance win take place at Post Headquarters, 100 McGuiimess Blvd. from 9 p.m. to l a.m. Tickets are at $5.00 per person. There will be “Antipasto” on each table for your nibbling pleasure. The Frank Terris Orchestra will play for your listening and dancing pleasure! Tickets are available at the Post Lounge every Friday Night and where else but at Rite Beer where the chairman himself will gladly sell them to you.

FOUR Chaplains NIGHT

This service is held annually “at Fort Hamilton Veterans Administration Hospital. This year it’s being held on Sunday Evening, February 6, 1977.

It is a moving dedication to “Four Men” who gave up their lives for others so that they may live.

Four men. These were men of the cloth. They were Army Chaplains, 1st Lt. Clark V. Poling (Reformed Church of America), 1st Lt. Alexander D. Goode (Jewish), 1st Lt. John P. Washington (Catholic), and 1st Lt. George L,fox (Methodist).

As the 900 some odd troops were sleeping in their bunks, the Troopship Dorchester” was wallowing through the icy waters off Greenland. Suddenly a torpedo smashed into the Dorchester’s flank. The troops were wakened by the explosion and ran up the ladders onto the decks in I utter confusion. The coolest men were the Four U.S. Army Chaplains. They led the men to boxes of life jackets, passed them out to the soldiers with boat-drill precision. When the boxes were empty, they quietly slipped off their own precious life preservers, put them’ on four young GI’s and told them to jump.

The Dorchester went down 25 minutes later with a loss of over 600 men, but the heroic Chaplains had helped to save over 200. The last time they were seen, they were standing together with arms linked, in prayer, to the one God they all served.

We, of the American Legion, will not and cannot forget men such as these “Four Chaplains”. The services will start at 8p.m. in the Chapel of the VA Hospital, which is at 800 Poly Place. Brooklyn, N. Y. “Coffee and” will be served after the services. All Legionnaires are cordially invited to attend.

February 1, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


“That their sacrifice was not in vain.” …John F. Kennedy


” If we have indeed, as some say, become a society of cannibals where each man is interested only in his individual aggrandizement and cares only to devour his neighbor, then let us now strike the colors and reside in a jungle or anarchy created by our own indifference. For we can only survive as a nation if we are willing to work to rebuild our communities, in which the American Legion can playa vital leadership role – and once again, serve ourselves by serving each other.”

Victor Allegretti, County Commander


Hey! It’s this coming Saturday! Gotcha tickets? Yes, you have a couple of days left to get in touch with Jean Mone for your tickets. You can call her at 388-1804.

There will be a cocktail hour starting at 8 P.M. Promptly at nine, the introduction of the honored guests, with dinner to follow. Prime Rib of Beef and a bottle of Cheer on each table. Naturally, all the trimmings that go with such a delicious entree. Speeches are promised to be short

that you can enjoy the rest of the evening listening and dancing to the syntilating rhythms of Neil Simonetti and his Orchestra.

Tickets are at $12.50 per person and again I want to remind you it’s this coming Saturday, February 5th!


February 19th is the date! You can get your tickets right from the Chairman himself, Nick Stefanizzi at Rite Beer or call him at 383-2122. They will also be available at the Post Lounge ANY Friday night.

“ANTIPASTO” will be at each table for your nibbling pleasure and the “Frank Terris Orchestra” for your dancing enjoyment.

Tickets are at $5.00 per person..Come on out and enjoy the evening.


A REMINDER: It’s this coming Sunday, February 6th. The Americanism Committee of Kings County invites ALL Legionnaires to attend. It will be held at the Fort Hamilton Veteran’s Hospital Chapel, at 8p.m.

“Coffee and…” will be served after the services.


February 5th. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Junior Past President’s Dinner
February 6th. . . . . . . . . . Four Chaplains Night. (Ft. Hamilton Hosp.)
February 19th. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . Italian Night at St. Stan’s Post.
March 27th. . . . . . . . . . . . Memorial Mass and Parade. St. Stan’s Post.
April 23rd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. County Band Dance at St. Stan’s Post.


Arthur Sieczkowski home now, resting and healing both his elbow and heart. James Sherrock tells me he hopes to be home by the end of the week. Edmund Zalewski amputated on second leg, below knee. Being watched closely by the Doctors. Hoping he has the end of his problem. When his food was given to him, he didn’t receive the silverware. “Hey! I need the knife, fork and spoon!” My legs were cut off, I not my arms!” I think I received more therapy by visiting men such as I Ed. It brought me back to earth, in a hurry with a reminder of a saying. “I cried I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.” I think’ I’ 11 call him, smiling Ed. Then there’s George Mann. George will have open-heart surgery, in about two weeks. “Not George Mann, Tina’s husband?” Your saying. Yes, it’s the same George. Don’t forget to write to these guys. As you send them a card, insert a couple of stamps, which is the one commodity they haven’t got. George is on floor 12N Rm. 131. Ed Zalewski is in intensive care on Floor 11S. By intensive care I don’t mean he cannot be visited. Intensive care in a VA Hospital means constant care. A constant vigil, twenty-four hours a day. Watching over the patient like a mother hen.

February 8, 1976

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Be, you Polish, Irish, Jewish, Russian, or of any other ethnic background” you will enjoy the funtiveties at St. Stan’s Post on February 19th. You don’t have to be Italian to enjoy the Antipasto which will be on’ each table. The music will not be Italian, all night. They will probably play more Polkas that night than Italian music. What is trying to be said is that the music will be played for everybody, of all ages and nationalities. The “Frank Terris Orchestra” is one of the most versatile bands you have heard. They will even put op a small floorshow. One and all are welcome to come down and enjoy themselves.

Nick Stefanizzi Jr. is chairman for this Post affair and will sell tickets at Rite Beer. I will be at the Post on Friday evenings with tickets. If you see me walking the streets of Greenpoint at anytime, don’t be bashful to stop me if you want tickets.

They are at $5.00 per person. Dancing will start at 9 p.m.


Am I too early (0 write about this function? Let’s put it this way. You are asked to remember this date and reserve it for the Post. This is one function which costs you only your time. A few hours. It is to “remember” those who left our community, never to return. To “remember” those who have given of themselves completely. Those who made the supreme sacrifice. Let us have a turnout as we haven’t had in years! Let us revive the meaning of ”Memorial Mass” especially now. Let us in the American Legion show the living relatives of those who left our sides, we care, we remember! They shall have not died in vain!

On the day of the Memorial Mass there will be a dedication of a Memorial stone on our Memorial grounds. This stone will be dedicated to all veterans of all wars. This came about through the efforts of one man. A one man blitz who went out, single handily, and canvassed for donations. He’s an Ol’ timer in the Legion but comparatively new to our Post. His name Edward G. Strack. From time to time you will hear of his endeavors in our Post. He is one some kind of a guy! Mr. Hussle. I couldn’t hold a candle up to this man and I’m taller than he. REMEMBER THE DATE! PASSION SUNDAY MARCH 27th.


The New York Sunday News had a most interesting editorial. I called but there is no one on Sundays there who could give me permission to reprint their comment. Being copywrited material, it cannot be reprinted without their permission. Therefore, I’m asking you to read it. It’s the last paragraph in their editorial column titled: TO HELL WITH THEM.


I have given up on the Traffic Department. They take everything into consideration but the most important factor. The human factor. I’m referring to the traffic lights on McGuinness Blvd. No one takes into consideration the motorists who try and go through the RED lights. Four of five cars pass a RED LIGHT before a pedestrian can make a move to cross the, street. Suggested was a stagger system. The worst thing that could happen to our community. It’s unbelievable that the Traffic Department can’t understand our dilemma, our concern for our aged, who many times stand frightened on the Median watching vehicles passing in front and in the rear of them. Many totally petrified. I have written to them, I have visited their offices. Their indifference amazes me! You don’t have to be a traffic engineer to see the problem. You don’t check the traffic flow at an off peak hour.

I too, have studied the situation here on McGuinness Blvd. I would like to see my theory tested. It’s simple. Numbering all the traffic lights on McGuinness Blvd., let’s have the odd number lights red as the even number lights are, green. As the odd number lights turn green, the even numbered lights turn red. In that way no one can nor will he be able to beat the next light! Try it! You’ll like it!

A stagger system is totally out of the question! I see it in Manhattan; I see it in Queens on Queens Blvd. It does not fit in our community . We in the American Legion are for a safer Greenpoint We had out building rammed into and our fences on more than one occasion were torn down by speedy traffic.

February 22, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


Vaudeville is returning to Greenpoint! With “Vaudeville is Back” theme, the Ladies Auxiliary of St. Stan’s Post are sponsoring a Vaudeville and Dance on the night of March 19th.

These are professional artists who will be appearing. Tickets are available any Friday night at the Post Lounge, 100 McGuinness Blvd. or by calling the Chairman, Kay Brunning 383-1159: The Co-Chairman Frances Jasikiewicz, 383-5239. The price of a ticket is $.5.00. Dancing will start at 9 P.M., ending at 1 A.M. Remember the date! Saturday, March 19th!


Last Thursday a meeting was held for the benefit of the Community with the Chief Traffic engineer of the Borough of Brooklyn for the Department of Traffic, Mr. Vincent Morris.

Not only the McGuinness Blvd. problem was discussed but other important problems such as: Missing signs, Additional traffic lights, and a change in the parking regulations for our community. Individual gripes were listened to. Every last, problem was noted by Mr. Morris. Action and answers as to why it can’t be done and when it will be done are suppose to be given to this community in a short time.

In the meantime we wait patiently. We have enough men and women, in this community, who care to what happens to you and yours. They will not let this matter slide by and be forgotten. What they need most is your backing. These are the people who live in the community, who share the dangers and tribulations, the same as you do.

Our elected officials are involved. They all are a short walk or short ride or a phone call away from you. Don’t gripe on a corner or when your shopping. Gripe where it counts most! Gripe where results can be attained. Where? At a meeting your delegate can take it to a civic council meeting. To your Block ass’n. president. To any of the offices of our elected officers, be they Democrats or Republicans. They all listen! This is in no way a political problem. It’s a problem of the community. For a better community we put politics aside and -work as one unit. This is precisely how Senator Tom Bartosiewicz works. He doesn’t care about your ethnic background nor does he care about your political affiliations, when it comes to improving the community. He thinks of you all as Greenpointers. No, I’m not blowing a horn for the Senator. Just stating facts.


We take the names of our streets for granted. Never realizing they are named after someone or for some place.

The first of these that got me interested was Humboldt Street. The name Humboldt came up on a TV program. There were two brothers who were prominent in their day. The first was Baron Alexander von Humboldt. He was a German naturalist and traveler, the first exponent of the classical period of physical geography and biogeography and best known for his works on the oceanic current off the west coast of South America. He used scientific instruments for a continuous survey on meteorology and earth magnetism, studied plant life in its environmental conditions. His influence on educational and scientific affairs was important: He was the guardian angel of all scientists and artists. He founded a school for mines and improved the miners’ conditions. He was a very prominent man in his day, making valuable scientific discoveries. i would suspect Humboldt St. was named after him. His older brother, by two years was.

Baron Wilhelm von Humboldt was a German Philologist, diplomat, (like his brother) and man of letters, who was the first to state clearly that the character and structure of a language express the inner life and knowledge of its speaker and that languages differ from one another in the same way and to the same extent as those who use them.


Last week when I mentioned the 12-hour Polka Marathon one important item, inadvertently, was left out. The date: That’s March 5th, a Saturday, on WFUV 90.7 FM Accolades to Nick Stefanizzi Jr. for his efforts in making last Saturdays Dance a success. (Everyone is raving about the Frank Terris Orchestra!) I never saw a man work so hard to make a night more memorable and that’s for the good of the Post.

March 8, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


The Ladies Auxiliary Unit of St. Stan’s Post are sponsoring a Dance and Vaudeville show at Post Headquarters, 100 McGuiness Blvd. For the first time since RKO Greenpoint closed its doors, Professional entertainers will come to Greenpoint and present a Vaudeville show. There will be three acts presented during the evening.

March 19th, 1977 is the date! What a night for all you “Jo’s” and “Joes”. After all, it is the feast of St. Joseph. Celebrate it by coming to St. Stan’s Post at 100 Mc Guinness Blvd. Dancing will start at 9 p.m. and end at 1 a.m.

Tickets are at $5.00 per person and are available at the Post Lounge, 100 McGuiness Blvd. every Friday night at Rite Beer, Humboldt St. and Norman Ave. during business hours; by calling Kay Brunning  or Frances Jasikiewicz.


Yes, another year has gone by.

Passion Sunday this yea r falls on March 27th. On Passion Sunday, St. Stan’s Post has its annual Memorial Mass and Parade. Assembly at the Post is 10:00 a.m. For you early birds there will be “Coffee and” 10:30 a.m. we step off for an 11 :00 a.m. Mass at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church after Mass the placing of wreaths enroute to Post Headquarters.

You are asked to “Fall In” with Cap. Change your routine for the one day and join your fellow comrades in remembering those who won’t be with us. Those who have given “The Best Years of Their Lives” for “God and Country, Remembering those who gave their lives for the betterment of the world.

Change your routine for one day as we are changing our routine. We arc changing the route of March. From Post Headquarters to Norman Ave. Right on Norman Ave., to Humboldt Street. Right on Humboldt Street to St. Stan’s Church.

After Mass, the usual route Humboldt St. to Engert Ave. Left on Engert to No. Henry St. Left on No. Henry into the Park for the placing of two- wreaths, Back to Driggs Ave. towards McGuiness Blvd., placing of two more wreaths enroute. Returning to Post Headquarters for completion of ceremonies.


SHOW TOUR COLORS on March 27th. We of St. Stan’s post are asking you good people of Greenpoint. Especially you people who live along the “Route of March”

It will be your way of saying “Thank You” to those who gave so much of themselves for our Country. Please! Join us by displaying your Flag.


A small monument will be dedicated – on March 27th right after the ceremonies honoring our dead. The small stone will be unveiled on our Memorial sight, and will sit at the foot of the flag Pole. It will be there as a memorial to all veterans of all wars. A reminder to all of us that they have not died in vain.


We fought the good fight: The American Legion was on record against any form of amnesty or pardons for Vietnam War resistors and deserters. Right up until the very end we were making our views known to the officials in Washington and were doing everything in our power to prevent any such directive from coming to pass. We fought the good fight and lost. We will fight other fights and will lose some of them. We cannot reverse this decision by our Commander in Chief anymore than we could his predecessors pardon of Richard Nixon So be it! It’s done! This a time for healing the American dream not for recriminations. This man deserves our support so long as he preserves and defends the Constitution and so long as we are allowed a voice in the debates. We will always be in Agreement with him any more than with any other elected official. However, we must be thankful of the fact that in this nation still the last hope of mankind – we are able to voice our dissent.

Victor Allegretti

Kings County Commander


If you haven’t paid your annual dues to your post, why don’t you do it now? It’s so easy to take care of this little matter. C’mon! Put the paper down and do it now!


Being Lent, things are rather I quiet…The Commander’s nursing a cold. Senator Tom Bartosiewicz is getting results with our Traffic problems. Results have been attained on many of the problems. Others are being made a study of for changes, if , any are warranted. I hope a copy of the letter I received is printed somewhere in this issue. Senator, take a bow! The applause is for you! Essay contest! I almost forgot! Schools participating are turning in their essays next Monday, Then, thjudges will have the task of reading each and every one of the papers. The topic is: “The American Flag”. There will be one winner from each school. Good Luck to all!

March 15, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


A Dance and three acts of vaudeville are awaiting your pleasure on March 19th, 1977. This coming Saturday at 9 p.m. the funtiveties will start for a most entertaining evening.

Tickets can be had at the Post Lounge on Friday evening or you can I pay at the door. They are at $5.00 per person. In case you don’t know! where the Post is located, it’s at 100 McGuinness Blvd.

If you are a “Jo” or a “Joe” celebrate your feast day at the. Post! If you’re at the tail end of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, then why not at the Post! Pat and Joe, your both more than welcome! Bring some friends along, too! Anyone else who wants to see Vaudeville for the first time since the RKO Greenpoint closed its doors, you too, are welcome!


St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, Kings County American Legion is having its annual Memorial Mass at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church on March 27th. ALL MEMBERS are requested to “FALL IN” with cap.

Those of you living in our line of march are being asked to join us by displaying the “Colors” on that Sunday morning.

We are marching from the Post to Norman Ave. from McGuinness Blvd. Then to Humboldt Street. Right on Humboldt to St. Stan’s Church.

After Church we continue to Engert Ave. and left on Engert to No. Henry St. Left on No. Henry right into the park. Coming out of the park we march on Driggs Ave. to McGuinness Blvd. Right on McGuinness Blvd. to Post Headquarters.

So, on Sunday, March 27th, “SHOW YOUR COLORS!”
ASSEMBLY: 10:00 a.m. MASS: 11:OOa.m.


Yes, it’s that time of the year! We are having a Carnival. at St. Stan’s Post in May. It will be in the first half of the month, hopefully. It always rains in the latter part of the month. Maybe this time we can elude the damp days. (damp is correct) We are the answer to California’s drought. All the Governor of California has to do is book our Post for a Carnival in California and we’ll get them all the rain they want. Still, we are thankful for the good days and the good people who support us. Come to think of it, let it rain in California for the duration of our Carnival. In that way, it’ll make everyone concerned, very happy!


Once again St. Stan’s Post is hosting the County Dance under the Chairmanship of Nick Stefanizzi, P.C. This dance is for the County Band uniforms as all you Legionnaires know. All the more reason, you Posts in Kings County should support this dance. Tickets are at $4.00 per person. Dancing from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. As an extra dded attraction, St. Stan’s Post annual FUNZ-A-Pop Pin in Show will be presented. The “Lopat Brothers” Band will play for your dancing pleasure.

Now that you read this, I know you’d like to know what is the date. SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd, 1977. Nick St’efanizzi, Executive Committeeman is the chairman of this function. You can get your tickets from him at Rite Beer or call him at 383-2122. You can also get them at the Post Lounge any Friday night.


It’s time to think who’s running for the offices, which will be vacated this year. Two more meetings and we start allover again. Where does this time fly! It seem like yesterday, we had our elections. It seems like yesterday, I Joined this Post. Come to think of It, It seems like yesterday, was married. Then, I look around and see my children and they don’t look like they were born yesterday Yes, time flies. I’m beginning to realize the meaning of that often time repeated phrase, life is I short. We see. that by the ever growing list at Memorial-Mass. Don’t forget our Memorial Mass. You don’t want us to miss your memorial, do you?

March 22, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


I am not the man to attempt a review or be a critic but after last Saturday night I must make a few remarks, pertaining to the evening. It was, without a doubt, the shortest night of the year! The evening was an artistic success. It had to be the Greenpointers in the audience to bring out the best in the entertainers. The real losers were those who missed coming down. if I were the Ladies Auxiliary, I would make a booking within the next three months to have such entertainment back once more! Before the summer while it’s still fresh in the memory of those who attended.

Phil Sanchez, the Master of Ceremonies, started the show at a fast pace and that was the speed for the evening. Next came one of the better banjo players by the name of Bobby Carroll. You wouldn’t believe a standing ovation? That’s just what he got. Then came a songstress, a real belter, who had the Post audience eating out of her hand. Her name is Gloria Lane. One good song after another. Another standing ovation. When she stepped off the floor, you figure those were the three acts and you enjoyed all three but no! Now Phil Sanchez started with his repertoire. Mixing jokes with his singing, he had the audience at his beck and call. They kept becking and calling for more! He obliged! When he finished, the audience rose as one for the biggest ovation of the evening. I don’t think Mr. Sanchez ever heard a bigger ovation. It was well deserved! He got our best because he gave his best. The night is gone but the memory will linger for a long while.

I am anxiously awaiting the next Vaudeville and Dance. Take a deep bow Ladies, you have done it again! Gave us in Greenpoint something different and something to look forward to the next time.


Dedication of the Memorial Stone will take place immediately after the Services to our departed Comrades, at the Memorial sight. The stone will be set at the base, of the Flagpole facing McGuinness Blvd.


Nick Stefanizzi his Chairman Ed Strack are up to their necks in essays. With the Judges they are going over each and every essay turned in.

You are probably asking how can we be honest in our judgment and not lean towards the brightest student or a favorite. First, the judges have “NO IDEA” who wrote the compositions. The teacher of each eighth grade has his or her roster of the class. A number is written along side the pupil’s name and the same number is put on the essay. When the Judges pick a winner, they notify the Chairman then he in turn notifies the teacher of the class by telling him or her which number is the winner. The teacher in turn looks at her roster to see which name has the coinciding number. That simple. The winners will get a $25 savings bond and an American Legion Medal. Soon as the essays are read and the judging completed, we will – announce the date of the presentation of awards, which will take place at out Headquarters, 100 McGuinness Blvd.


Just a reminder it’s on April 23, 1977 at St. Stanislaus Memorial Post, 100 McGuinness Blvd. Tickets are $4.00 per person and are available at Rite Beer, Humboldt and Norman Ave. This is a County function and the reminder is to all the Posts within reading distance of this paper.


A “SPECIAL” hello to Lewis Rose who lives in West Palm Beach but left his heart in Greenpoint Joseph Saia, P. C. C. A friend of our Post has been endorsed by the County for Department Vice Commander. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!! You got our vote, Joe! At the Post, last Saturday night: Old timers of the Post whom I never have met but they were pointed out-to me…There was Charles Marjave…There was the Republican District Co-Leader Cathy Meyers. Well represented was the County. Joe Saia, P. C. C. with his beautiful wife…The Wellingtons…Mrs. Betty Burdett, Past President, National Vera Jenkins Pat Krey, County Chairman The Post was honored’ by their presence.

March 29, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


One of the finer turnouts in the past few years was witnessed by the Host Post. Well over 400 Legionnaires and Unit members participated in the parade, ceremonies and dedication. Comment after comment was being made in the ranks of the, marchers as the parade turned into Humboldt Street from Norman Ave. Never was there such a display of Flags in Greenpoint. To all who honored our dead this past Sunday, we of St. Stan’s Post thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I MUST mention the choir of St. Stan’s Kostka Parish. You have impressed everyone who never heard you sing. Never have I heard a more beautiful High Mass sung as I heard this past Sunday. We of St. Stan’s Post “Salute You”.

To all who participated, Post members and guests we Thank You for coming. John P. Czachor Post, V.F.W. Bob Milmore, Commander, have asked me to publicly express their thanks and gratitude for being invited and treated as first-rate guests. They find it more than a pleasure in coming down to our functions, such as the Memorial Mass. P.S. Thanks Comrades! It’s a pleasure ‘to have you and your welcome anytime!

After the ceremonies honoring our departed Comrades, Rev. Joseph Szpilski, Pastor of St. Stan’s Parish, blessed our beautiful monument which sits at the base of the Flag Pole. This is the result of a one-man commando raid on pockets of all who crossed his path. He is a Legionnaire in every sense of the word. He goes by the name of Ed Strack. He’s the tallest man I know, though I look down on him as we stand side by side.

The monument reads as follows: St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771 American – (emblem) Post – Honoring Deceased Veterans of all wars. Come down and see it! As you pass our Memorial sight, stop, look and admire the monument, bow your head and say a prayer for those I who made it possible for us to walk this earth as free men and women. I As a matter of fact as you pass the Memorial grounds, in a hurry, just look at the Monument and say, “Thanks!” They will know what you mean.

To Bill Brunning and Nick Stefanizzi Jr. congratulations on a job well done.


St. Stan’s Post has endorsed Nick Stefanizzi, P .C. for County Vice-Commander and highly endorses Raymond Kennedy, County Membership Chairman, for County Commander. I mentioned it last week and it’s a pleasure to repeat, the endorsement of Joseph Saia, P. C. C. for Department Vice-Commander by Kings County, American Legion.


“…To honor New York’sfinest: On April 20th at the New Utrecht High School auditorium, the Kings County American-Legion is holding a “Law and Order Night”, to honor those brave men who are in the front lines of the war against crime in this city. They have been unjustly ~ maligned in the past and we intend to attempt to right this wrong. Chairman Joe DeFina, of the George Washington Post, has been quietly working for several months to put this program together, and is ready to go. Among those invited are Mayor Beame, Borough President Howard Goldin, Police Commissioner Michael Codd, and many top of officers from the Police Department in Brooklyn. The feature speaker of the evening will be Dr. Martin Abend, from WNEW-TV. We are arranging for press and television coverage of the event, which will be a giant leap towards revitalizing the image of the Legion in the County. Joe DeFina informs me that what he needs is not workers, but a huge turnout. The New Utrecht auditorium has a seating capacity of 1,500. Joe needs at least 500 of those seats filled to even begin to consider this a success. Think for. a moment, gentlemen, what an empty auditorium, under these circumstances would mean to the Legion’s image. Our chairman is asking for 500 your commander is asking for 1,500. Get out and tell your neighbor’s about it. – Admission is Free – Let us fill that, auditorium to capacity.


Are you familiar with what your benefits may be? Don’t be afraid to ask! What you don’t know can hurt you!

At your service are: Richard Smith, State Veterans Counselor, Room 302,26 Court Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11242. Michael M. Keohane, Service Officer – Kings County, State Veterans Counselor, Room # 1 Boro Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201


Any veteran interested in joining the American Legion, can get in touch with a Post near his home or Kings County American Legion, Room 1, Bow Hall.

April 12, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


In this the 30th year of American Legion Baseball, thirty-two clubs I have been entered, to start the 1977 season. A 14 game schedule will be I played, and all games will be at the Parade Grounds, Prospect Park, Brooklyn. On Saturday the games will be played on Diamonds #2, 3, 9 and 10. Starting at 9 A.M. playing all day.

Opening day is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th. The National Competition Program will be separated, and played at twilight, Monday thru Thursday – diamonds #1 and 7 from 6 to 8 P.M. Games will start after Memorial Day, after the high school season ends.

Tony Curcio would appreciate one or two Legionnaires to volunteer, who can assist on Saturdays throughout the season. If you’re interested, contact the County Commander Vic or Tony, thru Room #1, Boro Hall. Tony hopes to see many Legionnaires and their friends at the ball park this year.


Reminding you that on Saturday, April 23rd, from 9 P.M. to I A.M., a dance is being held at St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, 100 McGuiness Blvd.

Added treat will be the St. Stan’s Post, now popular~. “FUNZ-A- POPPIN” show. Tickets are $4.00 per person. For tickets call 383-2122 and ask for Nick Stefanizzi, Chairman.


St. Stan’s Spring Carnival this year will start on Thursday, May 12th, running for eleven consecutive days thru Sunday, May 22. Monday thru Saturdays, doors will open at 7 P.M. Sundays, doors will open at 3P.M. Admission is free.


When a man does a beautiful piece of work, he must be complimented. Every time I pass our Memorial Grounds, I stop and look and admire the

Beautiful stone Congratulations to Grande Memorials for their artistic endeavor. We of 1771, “Salute You!”


Fifty-eight years ago, in a meeting of representatives of the various outfits of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) of WWI, which convened in Paris, France, the American Legion was born. The date: March 15 -17, 1919.

They did not envision the vast scope and growth of The American Legion. The American Legion has become as much a. part of the American way of life as hot dogs, baseball and presidential elections. The activities of the Legion have extended into just every avenue of life

in the United States.

The American Legion has become a powerful force dedicated to the expression of love of country and to the American dream of liberty and I freedom for the individual.

While its primary purpose is the welfare of the disabled and deceased veterans, the Legion is concerned for that which will preserve the American heritage. It has been most successful in its endeavors to see that which has been bequeathed us by the sacrifice of past generations will remain alive for those yet unborn.

The American Legion and the American people in general, can take pride in its accomplishments. It is one of the movements for which all Americans should be extremely thankful.

To you veterans who want to get a better insight in the working of an American Legion Post, can join by bringing their discharge papers with them to a Post near their home. Here in Greenpoint, it’s St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771. We are located on 100 McGuiness Blvd. Between Norman and Nassau Ave. Our meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month. Our Lounge is open every Friday and Saturday evening. You can also write to: American Legion, Kings County, Room #1. Boro Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201, for particulars.

There are over 2,700,000 Legionnaires in this country and that includes the Ladies, who were in the Woman’s Army Corps. So, we are also extending this invitation to the ladies to join us. There are many and you’ll be surprised how active they are! Please! Won’t you join us?


The Badame-Sessam Memorial Post, #1336, American Legion! 425 Graham Ave” Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211, is having a membership drive.

If you are a veteran, and would like to join, come to the above address, evenings, 8 P.M. to P.M. or call 383-9030 daily from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. We will be glad to serve you. Our service officer will help you with your problems, such as Health, Education, Pension’s and numerous other problems you may have. We will be glad to meet you and discuss your eligibility in the American Legion.

Join us. We can help you, Join us, and be proud to be a legionnaire.

Once a Legionnaire always a Legionnaire.

Yours for the Legion, Alfred Cirulli, Commander

May 31, 1977

Legion Corner

By A. Kowalski


“… What have we really to offer the younger vets? The truth may well be that the American Legion has gained for the veteran all that it ever will. We may have become an organization, which only has its remaining function the act of policing what has already been won to prevent any subversion of veteran’s rights and benefits. It this is indeed the case, then we are faced with a future absent of anything resembling a dynamic program.

Is it now time for the Legion to fight for the American veteran (who compromises roughly 100/0 of the population) on a new front never before considered? There is not one piece of legislation, nor any act which effects the life style of the American citizen, that does not directly impact upon the one group that has paid its dues in blood to preserve this nation the veterans.

Name ANY problem facing the nation today energy, inflation, crime in the streets, honesty in government, unemployment – and the veteran and his family is touched by the solutions.”


“Perhaps it is time for the American Legion to plunge headlong into the essential problems of the society as many other organizations have already done.”


“We have, in Kings County, the apparatus already in place ‘to do this, and through the many diverse skills of our members, we also have the talent. Involvement and a total commitment to improving the American condition will do more than any other action we may take to attract new members and perpetuate this organization. It is imperative that we begin today to overcome the ingrained image prevalent among young vets that we are an organization whose day is ended and spends its twilight selling raffle tickets and running testimonials.

Preserve, protect and advance the programs that have for 5 years been the Cornerstone of the American Legion, but move forward from there and expand our interests and activities into the areas of vital concern to the American veteran in 1977.”

“… Very little can be accomplished without first establishing the climate for our actions. The climate for us must derive from a positive public relations drive, which in and of itself will attract the membership, we so vitally require for our survival. And social involvement will attract the caliber of new members with the talent to strengthen the American Legion and its programs for the good not only of the veteran but for the wider good of the United States of America ”

Victor Allegretti, Commander

American Legion Kings County CONVENTION CALL – KINGS COUNTY

The fifty-ninth Annual Convention of the Kings County American Legion will take place on Friday evening, June 17th, 1977, 8:00 p.m. at the Grand Ballroom of the Granada Hotel, Ashland Place and Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Wednesday, June 1st is the regular monthly meeting at St. Stans Post. This coming meeting will be the election of a new slate of officers for the Legion year 19’77-1978. Meeting will start approximately 8: 15 p.m.


With summer nearly upon us and your vacation planned, did you give a thought to those who can’t have one? Our men in “Blue” give of their time for interesting programs to keep our young ones off the corners.

What better way to start your vacation than with a contribution to the P. A. L. Keep in mind the Police Department cannot solicit funds for their worthy program.

We urge you to help keep their program going, in the spirit of good fellowship: Put the P. A. L. on your vacation list and mail your contribution to: 94th Precinct, 100 Meserole Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11222.

Make the check or money order payable to: P. A. L. Restricted Fund, 94th Precinct. Enjoy the summer months by knowing you have helped someone else to enjoy them also! I’m sure Patrolman Walsh ,and his partner will be very grateful for your support.


How can you thank those who showed up night after night to “man” the booths during the hectic eleven days. The Post is proud of those who came to put in their time without any thought of compensation or reward. Now, we are preparing for the beginning of a new Legion year. To go ahead into new areas. As you have read in the County Commander’s message, which is printed above. It adds up to a brand new ballgame. This message has to be the start of all out membership drive. Let’s not be idle during the summer months but keep working for the “Good Of The Legion” and “for God and Country”.


Legion Corner

By Unknown


After many years of dedicated service to the American Legion on a Post, County Department and National level, the Kings County American Legion is preparing to honor it’s number one Legionnaire, Francis L. Giordano. He will, be honored with ‘a justly deserved Dinner and Dance. If anyone has earned the gratitude of this County, it is Frank Giordano.

It is a small way to “Thank” this man, this dedicated mail, for all that he has done and we know will continue to do. As Vic Allegretti states: “I ask every Post to get behind this effort, for there isn’t a man in this county who deserves it more.” The Testimonial Dinner and Dance will be held on Saturday, May 28th, 1977 in the Cotillion Terrace, starting with a cocktail hour at 8 P.M.


Would you believe, it was 60 years ago on April 6, 1917 that Congress declared war on Germany. If America had not entered WWI when it did, the whole course of 20th century history would have been different much different. Germany could have emerged as the dominant force in Europe, the No.1 military power in the world. Only ,God knows where that would have taken all of us.

These are the words of our National Commander, William J. Rogers. Did you know the average age .of a WWI veteran is 82 years.


Senator Strom Thurmond (SC), senior Republican on Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, has introduced legislation to upgrade VA to cabinet level…Thurmond says cabinet post would more fully protect vet’s program.


Vowing that the American Legion will fight to receive benefits and special consideration earned by veterans, Cmdr. William J. Rogers told the Mid-Winter Washington Conference, “We cannot visualize a society where America’s detractors are forgiven and America’s’

Both the Senate and House committees expressed agreement with proposals set forth by the American Legion. Rep. James Abnor (SD) told the Legionaires, “I don’t know of any organization that knows more about veteran’s affairs than the American Legion.”

Sen. Alan Cranston (CA, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, thanked the Legion for its efforts in retaining the full standing status of the committee, saying, “I think it’s fair to say that “without the American Legion would not be sitting here as Chairman of a full committee on Veterans’ affairs.”


In less than two weeks, on Thursday, May 12th, our gates will open for the semi-annual Bazaar and Carnival. Admission is free and all are welcome. Prizes, Rides, Hot Dogs, Soda, etc. will be av1iTIable to make your trip to our grounds enjoyable.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4th, St. Stan’s Post will have it’s regular meeting. At this meeting, nominations will be held for the Executive Committee. Elections taking place the following month. A big turnout is expected. The following Wednesday, May.l1th, the Ladies Unit will hold their nominations and elections. On May 12th, the Carnival! Post members are asked to donate their time “For The Good Of The Post” County Convention, June 17th, at the Granada Hotel As you know this Post has endorsed Nick Stefanizzi P.C. for the office of County Vice. Commander. Come to tomorrows’ meeting to get full particulars. Ed Strack is “Poppy”, chairman. Did you see the monument on the Memorial grounds?,…Hey! I almost forgot!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS IN. GREENPOINT!!