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News Articles From 1942

Brooklyn Eagle – April 4, 1942

Boro Patriots
Gain On
Sendoff Front


Join Move to See
Our Boys Away
‘With a Smile’


In various neighborhoods in Brooklyn Flatbush, Greenpoint, Gerritsen. Beach and others—the idea of a community sendoff to the boys being inducted into the army was catching on today like the glow of a heart-warming fire.


By various methods and through different organizations Brooklyn localities were laying plans for their own sendoff celebrations, perhaps later to be merged in a larger plan to involve all Brooklyn.


In Flatbush, for example, several movements were stirring for an all Flatbush celebration.


In the Gravesend Bay district Joseph Petrotte, commander of Gravesend Post, American Legion, named two past commanders Joseph Vitaglione and Fred McKay, to a committee with Mrs. Anna Berman, president of the post auxiliary, to arrange a, series of farewell parties for the men about to go into Uncle Sam’s armed forces.


In Greenpoint. plans were laid to mobilize the community “on a tremendous scale” to give the boys “a sendoff with a smile.” E. George Cheuvreux Jr., recording secretary of the Greenpoint Patriotic Organization, predicted that 10,000 to 15,000 Greenpointers would aid in the local sendoffs.


The first of these is scheduled for April 14 at the Greenpoint Post 241, American Legion, at 145 Greenpoint Ave. There will be a reception with “eats” and music and, maybe, speeches—all that’s required to make the occasion festive and a memorable one.


They’ll Set the Example


“We’ll show the rest of Brooklyn how to do it.” said Mr. Cheuvreux with enthusiasm.


Representatives of perhaps 50 organizations gathered at the legion post headquarters’. Up to last night Edward A. O’Neil, member of the New York Fire Department and past commander of the post, was acting chairman. He was chosen to head the ways and means committee.


Officers of the organizations selected are Phil Mervish, president of the Chums Pleasure Club (a welfare organization), chairman; John Imperatore, Thomas Thorsen, commander of the Greenpoint Post, A. L. and William Clancy, past commander of the McGoldrick Post, Catholic War Veterans, vice chairmen; Manuel D. Lopez, treasurer, and Mrs. Florence P. Anderson, chairman of the Greenpoint Chapter of the Red Cross, financial secretary. Mrs. Minnie Ehrhardt heads the women’s committee.


The Cort Club of Gerritsen Beach, with 50 members, all eligible for army service, have been giving a “sendoff with a smile” to boys leaving for the army in that neighborhood. Three of them, who are leaving this week, were given such a sendoff last Sunday at Hopan’s, Restaurant, on Gerritsen Ave., with 200 residents — friends,-‘ relatives, men and women, grownups and children—doing their part to make the boys feel that they will still “belong” to the people back home no matter where the needs of Uncle Sam would send them.


Among the speakers were Jim O’Rourke, “mayor” of Gerritsen Beach, and Louis Zeltner, chief of the Old-Time Locality Mayors. William Flynn, president of the club, made a presentation of a gift to each of three guests of honor.


Spreads to Heights


And the sendoff spirit has spread to the vicinity of Brooklyn Heights. Thus the 1st A. D. Democratic Association has found a way, even before the present sentiment for community sendoff developed, to do something for the inductees in their neighborhood.


At the very start of the Selective Service program the association began holding dinners “at the clubhouse, 350 Atlantic Ave., for the sons and relatives and friends of members called to the colors. Shaving kits and other gifts are presented to each of the young men at-the-affairs.


Now, however, plans are broadened to include every one handled by Local Boards 133 and 34, which embrace the 1st A. D. This Saturday night the 42d annual ball at the Towers Hotel will be held in honor of the community’s representatives in the army.




The proceeds, which have been used in past years to aid the needy of the neighborhood, will go to the military service welfare committee, in charge of the sendoffs. Moreover the association plans to enlist all organizations and private individuals of the community interested in giving the local young men a community goodby. In addition to the ceremonious sendoffs, the committee will keep in touch with the service men and aid their families, such as providing traveling expenses for parents to visit their sons if they cannot afford the expenditure themselves Postmaster Frank J. Quayle Jr. is chairman of the committee; Edward A. Vosseler, former State commander of the American Legion, vice chairman; William R. Lewinthal, secretary; Assistant Attorney General Sol I. Smithline, publicity chairman, and Assistant Attorney General Frank J. Cronin and Frank H7″”B6rn, members. William J. Mahon is leader of the association and Mrs. Sadie S. Garahan is co-leader. .


Sons of members who are in service include 1st Lt. Frank J. Quayle 3d, Sgt. Thomas F. Cuite, P. F. C. James J. Holfester, P. F. C James J. McVeigh, P. F. C. Thomas Garahan, Pvt. Rubin Blonder, Pvt. Charles Cording. Pvt. James Devlin. Pvt. Daniel Grosso, Pvt. Charles Keegan and Pvt. Richard J. Lewinthal