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Articles From 1954 -1955

ST. Stan’s Post Offers Memorial Mass Sunday

The St. Stanislaus Memorial Legion Post Sunday will sponsor its annual Memorial Mass, for the intention of the men in the parish and the Greenpoint section who gave their lives in war.

Massing of the colors will be at 10 A.M. at the Post Quarters. Before and after mass marchers will parade through the streets of Greenpoint. Before the mass, the colors of the Ladies Auxiliary of the St. Stanislaus Post will be blessed by the Rev. John Hiadki, pastor of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Church.

After mass memorial wreathes will be placed at the St. Aloysius Memorial on Driggs avenue and at the memorial in McGolrick Park.

County Commander James Curran and his entire staff, and president of the Ladies Auxiliary of Kings County Lillian Crowley and her entire staff will participate in the parade and memorial services. Refreshments will be served at the parish auditorium on Newell street.

Frank Fierro is chairman of the memorial service program, assisted by an the officers of the post headed by Commander Joseph Nowinski.

St. Stanislaus Memorial Tribute

“…And there are some, of whom there is no memorial who are perished if they had’ never been. . . Their bodies are buried in peace, and their name liveth unto generation and generation…” — ECCLESIASTICUS.

On this twentieth day of March, nineteen hundred fifty-five, we the members of the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post 1771, American Legion, dedicate this issue of the Patron to the memory of our departed loved ones who so valiantly gave their lives in the service of God and Country.

Had these unsung heroes, and truly they are heroes in ~very sense of the word, not given of their lives, we might not at this time be free to enjoy the freedoms of worship, speech, and freedom from want and fear.

These things we take for granted seldom mindful of the ordeals and sacrifices endured by G. I. Joe in order’ that we may live and pray as free people.

It is just and proper then, that at ‘least this one Sunday be set aside each year to pay tribute, to our dear departed. Despite our human failings, we trust in God, that the Mass and prayers we offer this day shall, benefit the souls of those who died’ in foreign lands to keep the enemy from our American shores.

Since that day in September 1949 when it held its first meeting, the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post has, come a long way. At that time about fifty members showed up to sign the charter. The first Commander of the newly organized Post was Stanley Kugaczewski. John Kozak followed as second Commander, and was succeeded by Nicholas Stefanizzi. All three commanders with their officers did a remarkable job in making this organization one of the most rapidly growing and effective posts in the community.

Subsequently, membership has increased to such an extent that the Post received the first place award at the Kings County American Legion Convention last June. In addition to the citation for outstanding services in the field of Americanism.

Besides being active in, the community, the Post is active in the performance of service to the St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish. Last year a donation of $200 dollars was made toward the new rectory fund. The members are very active performing services at the parish picnics and bazaars. Last May through the efforts of the Post over sixty boys from the parish enjoyed a major league baseball game at Ebbets Field.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Post, which was organized a little over a year ago, has done outstanding service during the year such as running the various parties for children, helping at the many functions of the parish and making monthly visits to the veterans hospitals.

The preceding is but a short synopsis of the activities of the St. Stanislaus Memorial Post and Ladies Auxiliary. At today’s Mass, the colors of the Ladies Auxiliary will be blessed by the Rev. F. Hladki. The colors were donated by the members of the St. Stanislaus Post.

Numerous activities of both units are planned for the next few months which will benefit the c1isabled and hospitalized veterans, and the various child welfare camps which are maintained by the American Legion.

For your generous support of the functions in the past, the Post and Ladies Auxiliary send their heartfelt thanks, and hope that your support will continue into the future.

Once more, a simple but sincere expression of gratitude – THANK YOU.

The present officers of the Pose are as follows:

Commander: J. Nowinski.Vice-Commanders – W. Hawkins, W. Rohs, P. Wozniak, H. Bialous. Finance Officer: E. Zilinski.
Adjutant: S. Esposito.
Chaplain: F. Fierro.
Historian: H. Bulakowski
Sgt.-at-Arms: E. Wroblewski,
Executive Cammittee: S. Kugfarczewski, J. Kozak, N. Steffanizzi, W. Korcz, F. Zilinski, T. Guile, F. Woz:niak and W. Golembiewski.

Meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month at 119 Driggs Avenue. You are cordially invited to join the ranks of the S. Stanislaus Memorial Post, American Legion.

The present officers of the Ladies Auxiliary are as follows:

President: M. Brady. Vice-Presidents: A. Koza, and S. Wozniak.
Secretary: B. Gallo.
Treasurer: L. Mankiewicz. Chaplain: J. Tober,
Historian: E. Thomas.
Sgt.-at-Arms: N. Stefanizzi,
Executive Committee: S. Regula,
H. Jaskowiak, R. Lopatka.
County Committee: P. Notartomaso and H. Roettinger.

Meetings of the Ladies Auxiliary are held every second Wednesday of the month at the Post quarters. All ladies, who are eligible, are most welcome to join the ranks and increase the membership of the Ladies Auxiliary of the St. Stanislaus Post.

Henry M. Bulakowski, Historian

Patron March 30, 1955